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Kids Lunches

Eat Healthy, Kids! Cartoon Short

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  1. I would have still eaten my ice cream. I paid for that lil’ smart aleck!

  2. Fun Station 4 Kidz

    I stopped eating rocks once I became a baby. There are three types of
    rocks. Sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous. Rocks can hurt your mouth and
    aren’t a safe or nutritious means of solving your dietary problems. Thank
    you for your time.

  3. Be healthy……

  4. First off, Rocks obviously aren’t healthy. Eating one ice-cream cone won’t
    make you fat and you will not die. Worst video ever. 

  5. funny

  6. Awesome!!!!!!!haha and funny

  7. Até pode ser um vídeo engraçado, mas comer saudável não é brincadeira!

  8. are you high or something

  9. lol eat rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Oliver's Real Food

    This is a very informative psa regarding healthy eating habits that
    hopefully reaches children.

  11. was funny but not for kids

  12. Please speak slowly

  13. Funny and True. Problem is I love Ice Cream and Chips! Perhaps we can carve
    out some instead of all. Just sayin..

  14. weird

  15. A creative and clever way of getting the message out about eating healthy. 

  16. that is really good wow helped me a lot

  17. seriously rocks leaves

  18. For your little ones! Stay healthy.. :)

  19. For your little ones! Stay healthy.. :)

  20. Eat Healthy, Kids! Cartoon Short

  21. Wish the “ice cream” cartoon talked much slower for second language learner
    children. =(

  22. Healthy food is gross.

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