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Eco Kids lunch Boxes

Nowadays, the market has been buzzing about the significance of the eco kids lunch boxes. Most people are not even aware of the revolution that has occurred in the kids’ lunch box manufacturing industry. If you fall in the same group, then this article will provide you details about top three eco-friendly lunch boxes, which are ruling the charts. But first, let us take a quick look at the predecessors of these unique containers.

Metal lunch boxes

There was a time when people had no other alternative but to settle for the lunch boxes, which were made out of aluminum. After a certain span, researchers discovered that the juices from vegetables and fruits readily react with the metal. Not only was the food value diminishing due to the chemical reactions, but the children were also falling prey to food poisoning.

Advent of the plastic containers

When aluminum was ruled out due to health hazards, plastic took its place promptly. It was like the prayers of the average lunch box buyer were answered. Transforming plastic into various shapes and sizes was easy. Another advantage of plastic was that it was available in different colors. It attracted children more. But with time, experts found that most plastics contained BPA, and it has the potential of causing harm to health. Mothers all over the world panicked. But thanks to the efforts of researchers, soon food grade plastic was manufactured. It was BPA free, phthalate free, and PVC free, but the problems still loom large.

Top 3 Eco kids lunch boxes

To tackle the issues of BPA, PVC, BPS and much more, mothers are opting for the eco-friendly containers. This concept has been popularized as the eco kids lunch box. The top three contenders have been mentioned as under:

1.    PlanetBox Stainless Steel Kids Lunch Box

This particular container has been grabbing all the eyeballs not only due to the safety that it provides but also for the space that it provides. If your kid is a fussy eater and likes many options, then opting for this box is ideal. Each stainless steel box has five separate compartments for holding the different items. It also comprises of two round containers, one small and the other bigger, for carrying sauces or dressings. Though the price is high, you can be rest assured that you are cracking a great for the health of your little ones.

2.    ECOlunchbox Three-in-One

The unique characteristic of this eco kids lunch box is that it comes in layered form. The rectangular containers will fit within one another with ease. The three boxes will not only prevent one dish from mixing with the other, but also provides space to carry more food.

3.    Happy Tiffin Small 2-Tier Tiffin Lunchbox

If you are looking for something sophisticated, sleek and fashionable at the same time, then this is the container that you must try. Though the price is moderate, the manufacturing company spared no expense on the quality of the products. The small size will assist in keeping the food airtight and warm. Due to the presence of the grip, carrying it also becomes easy.

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