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Kids Lunches

Fast & Easy After School Snack Ideas

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  1. Hey sarah! I’m a huge fan and love your videos! I have recently become
    addicted to almond can you recommend about how much you should have as a
    snack? Thanks!

    P.s. I love your running videos, I too am a runner! Good luck with your

  2. You look perfect. I dont know how you make yourself look airbrushed in
    videos but your skin looks flawless!

  3. Need some new quick and easy snack ideas for after school or before you hit
    the gym after work? Steal my staples!

  4. Apple with cookie butter is better 

  5. Super helpful thanks Sarah!

  6. Christen Lehmann

    There is nothing better than apples and almond butter in my book 😉 

  7. this is so helpful! Thank you so much!!!

  8. You look great!

  9. _natalie fitnesslover

    How can i reduce bloating if i’m still eating clean??

  10. great ideas! And that color looks perfect on you!

  11. +Sarah Fit You look so beautiful!
    And really? They overestimated the calories in nuts?! Go nuts everyone!

  12. Wow! You’re so gorgeous all dressed up. 

  13. Not to mention your teeth are like perfect

  14. Sarah please post some protein ball/bars recipe (make at home not store

  15. The day I discovered the combo of apple slices and peanut butter was a good
    day 🙂 

  16. I love your voice Sarah! 

  17. Watching this while eating corn chips… #awkward

  18. You look STUNNING Sarah!! And I love me some pb and apples too haha, great
    ideas :)

  19. you look gorgeous!!

  20. You look so pretty!!! Love the fancy hair today

  21. She looks so pretty in this video. Wish i could be this fit!

  22. What is your background in fitness and nutrition? 

  23. Your hair looks awesome, Sarah! 

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