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Fast and Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

With so many studies about nutrition, eating healthy is a must for keeping clean conscious in today’s world, but it can be challenging on a busy schedule. Building a healthy eating habit comes a bit hard when you are working all day and don’t really have time to think about what you put in your body or your children’s body. But those are all the more reasons to try to eat as healthy as possible. After all, building a habit is only hard in the beginning, after that you won’t even think about it. Here are some ideas for healthy lunch boxes whether it’s for you or for your kids.

1. Avocados, lots of them

This super fruit is amazing and delicious and plus extra nutritious and healthy. Avocados are a fast solution and don’t require cooking. You can either make an avocado salad mixing it with some cherry tomatoes and Greek or mozzarella cheese or make a toast or a sandwich. Use them in a toast or to make a sandwich as a main meal or in a salad as a side dish.

2. Italian style

Another healthy lunchbox idea is making yourself an Italian style sandwich. This is a fast solution and a healthy mean. What you need is a ciabatta bread that you need to cut in the middle and fill with some Italian style ingredients. Think about tomatoes, basil, olive oil and them mozzarella and some salami. This has enough calories to count as an energetic lunch but it is not too heavy and it is healthy.

3. Heathy Cesar Salad

The Cesar salad is great because you are getting both the vegetables you need to consume for the day and the chicken to get you through the busy schedule. If you have leftover chicken from dinner, that’s perfect. A dinner from last night can turn into lunch today. So without much preparation, cut up some vegetables and prepare yourself a delicious salad.

4. Pasta salad

This is another great healthy lunch box idea. Again, not only are you eating vegetables but the pasta will make up the rest of the calories to hold you through the day. Boil some pasta, there are so many varieties so experiment depending on your vegetable sauce. After that you can mix them with some cherry tomatoes, basil, feta cheese and tomato pesto. You can even mix it up for different days. The beauty of pasta is you can mix it with almost any salad out there and it will still taste good. Try a tuna salad or even some chicken and vegetables.

5. Whole fruits is ok

Believe me, no decent human being will hold it against you that you brought a whole apple or a whole banana rather than a fruit salad. What’s important is that you have some healthy snacks throughout the day. So pack up some fruit to complete the lunchbox.

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