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Fattoush Salad (Healthy Salad) recipe

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  1. Very Nice! Thanks

  2. Khurshid Qurashi

    Looks great…

  3. So healthy, love it! Would be much appreciate if you could list down the
    ingredients to every food recipes you make :)

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  5. food porn

  6. professional! this really helps

  7. Without saying anything i hardly understood wat d ingredients are… should
    b written….jst got d perfect way of chopping…!!

  8. Goood. I have to try it

  9. Best arabs food

  10. My favorite Lebanese Mezza! thanks for sharing. :)


  12. Make Fattoush Salad at home with this recipe. Enjoy yummy and healthy meals
    all the time.

    #saladrecipe #saladrecipeoftheweek

  13. Κωνσταντίνος-Παναγιώτης Κ.

    Απλά υπέροχο !Just wonderful! bravo

  14. nicely done!!!!! I think I will make this tomorrow!!!! I will make it
    with Italian or French bread. I like pita but I don’t think it goes with
    this salad

  15. missing the garlic,very nice

  16. I love fattoush salad so much that i have it almost everyday, its very

  17. my favorite

  18. Looks great! I’ve never had this before,not sure about the mint but
    everything else looks great!

  19. I love fattoush.

  20. Try Fattoush with pomegranate molasses , u’ll love it.

  21. She’s cutting vegetables nicely

  22. where’s the avocado?!

  23. What is Tahini? Looks so good. 

  24. it,s good but we make different style 

  25. What is tahini?

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