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Kids Lunches

Food Pyramid for Children

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  1. I hate elmo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and his friends im looking for the song that starts out at nyah nyah nyah
    nyah nyah

  2. My favorite foods in the food pyramid are Yami Yogurt, green grapes,
    oranges, corn flakes with slices of banana, white rice, and orange rice.

  3. shyambabu chandran

    Thank you for this video.

  4. From M. in my class: My favorite part is the Fruits!! My favorite fruit is

  5. chocalate

  6. From T. in My class: My favorite part is the desserts but you should only
    have 1 per day! It’s on the tippy tippy top top

  7. I only like apelles.

  8. My favorite food is Vegetables! It come from the second part of the

  9. My daughter’s favourite treats are chocolate,chocolate cake and ice cream.
    Favourite healthy food in this video is carrots.Parts (fat and fruit +

  10. hi i like the top of the pyramid and please make more videos 😉 

  11. Learn all about the Food Pyramid for Children to help them understand, Eat
    a variety of foods and eat less of some foods and more of others. :)

  12. Elizabeth Newgarden

    Cars favorite treat is ice cream. Favorite healthy food is cucumber. 

  13. I like chocolate crisps Cake. Cookies

  14. craycrayloverforever

    Start with doughnuts and pancake, fruit punch.For lunch Pizza with
    pepperoni and double cheeseburger with only one large coke,for desert
    cheesecake or pastries .if you can do this you can eat anything for dinner
    and snacks 

  15. whole wheat bread, pasta, cereal, unsalted crackers, rolls, bagels,
    bottom., carrot blueberries, spinach, broccoli, strawberries, apples
    bananas , next up, chicken nuts, peanuts, eggs, Pork chops, diary, milk,
    yogurt, sour cream cheese, and up on top, fries, and ice cream,

  16. ThatOneRetroGamER28

    Nellie And Ned, you guys make me and my kid happy. We watched all of your
    videos since last year 🙂 My little Joseph loves watching! Everytime I wake
    up, I notice he is watching your videos on YouTube, so congrats for making
    my kid happy :)

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