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Full VEGAN Meal Plan to Lose Weight

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  1. How do you not understand this, Joanna? You think you’re relieving your
    addiction of junk food? You aren’t. You’re still addicted. You’re just
    moving your addiction to something that would make you happy, only because
    you’re transforming your body to what society wants it to be. You just want
    to fit in. 

  2. You should not take in any caffeine when you’re vegan, it prevents
    absorption of important nutrients. (that’s what I heard)

  3. PEOPLE! This is not a RAW VEGAN meal plan, so it is not supposed to be high
    carb, low fat (80/10/10 in other words) diet plan. This is JUST vegan plan,
    were everything is proportioned. So stop that “not enough carbs” thing! If
    you are raw vegan, then why the hell are you here? Adjust carb, calorie,
    fat etc. intake accordingly to your lifestyle! It is just as simple as
    that! :)

  4. THAT IS NOT ENOUGH CALORIES FOR ANYONE!!! You are starving yourself, eat
    more fruit, carb up!!!!

  5. wouldnt the veggies int he stir fry burn without oil? can someone explain?

  6. Huh … the chickpea/quinoa salad seems very bland … how about some
    spices? Herbs? A bit of pepper, anything? At least there’s some taste in
    the stir fry … I was hoping for something new, tasty.

  7. bad video sorry 

  8. Could I add a bit of cinnamon to the peanut butter bars?

  9. My Life Zippy Style

    I love peanut butter and those energy bars look so so yummy. Im definitely
    trying these asap!!

  10. Oat meal? Oat meal and bananas? Oat mean and bananas with raisins? That’s
    the clincher for me! I’ve got my Vegan Breakfast! If you can eat Oat Meal,
    can you eat grits?

  11. Great video, thanks

  12. Very useful. Thanks. :D

  13. TheSingaporeWorld

    Thanks for the meal plan. I typically eat about 5-12 servings of fruit
    everyday coz I love it so so so much… 2 a day is such a measly portion
    for me!! 

  14. Joanna make some more videos on vegan recipes please! =)

  15. you’re the best! thank you so much!

  16. Joanna, love your videos. Sad that there is a troll that feel compelled to
    take over your comment section. Keep these videos coming!

  17. I love this channel. For the first time easy. realistic and practical tips
    and most of all, I don’t have to starve myself. Congratulations. I am
    trying this right now, only I ate breakfast with mango, not strawberries.
    Subscribed and LOVE IT. Thank you :)

  18. I’m not vegan but I enjoyed this video thanks for sharing it gave me some
    good ideas :)

  19. loved the tofu stirfry, 1st time ive had tofu like that too :)

  20. Good video

  21. The oatmeal you are using, is it quick cook or old fashion???

  22. Semara Simu Shahin

    Are you Malaysian? 😀

    Either way, love this vid, thanks for sharing!

  23. I am not vegan but this video has been very helpful and inspirational to me
    to begin a better and healthier life style 

  24. This is great! Just what I was looking for, a vegan meal plan.

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