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Kids Lunches

Get Healthy With Me | Lunch Salads!

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  1. Remember guys! The salad dressings i made are MORE than one serving! So for
    those commenting that i used too much olive oil or salt (in the first one)
    are missing the fact that those could last you at least three days! You
    wouldn’t eat that all at once 🙂 

  2. Isn’t French dressing white??

  3. I’m not too sure about fruit and and grilled chicken in the same dish but
    you know, whatever floats your boat

  4. dont mean to sound like a smart ass, wanted to share, pepper seeds enhibit
    calcium absorbtion, wich most of us need more of. also the lime juice may
    be better fresh as the bottled had benzoit, that is a cell poliforating
    excitotoxin, by itself it wont cause cancer, but will cause it to grow
    fast. but kudos, its still way more healthy then the avorage meal. me like
    cranberrys, walnuts & raw goat feta too : ) Thank you BTW

  5. You’re so beautiful!!

  6. your garden salad made my mouth water. no salad has ever done that before
    I really love your channel I just found you on youtube today and I’m so
    happpyyyy! looking forward to all your health & fitness videos because I’m
    trying to get into healthy eating and working out 

  7. Why does everyone think gluten is bad? The only time it’s bad is if you
    have an allergy. Gluten free doesn’t even mean it’s grain free, there’s
    gluten free grain, if grain is what you’re trying to avoid….

  8. sooo I’m from the uk and I’ve never even heard of quinoa what does it taste

  9. I think you use too much olive oil, I don’t use oil at all

  10. I love these, def will try to make all three of them but the first is gonna
    be tricky because quinoa is not only very expensive in my country it is
    also hard to get 🙁 anyway, thank you for this! It’s gonna help me a lot in
    my effort to life more healthy ♥

  11. I have hard time spotting a good Avacado. I always end up choosing the hard
    one. Do u have any tips for choosing the right one??

  12. yes we will all get bootylicious together!!!!!!!!

  13. You look so healthy and Beautiful always xxo

  14. Iceberg lettuce has very little nutrients. It’s better to eat dark leaves,
    even if they don’t taste as good! =)

  15. All quinoa is NOT necessarily gluten free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  16. Quinoa <3

  17. i just subscribed! your videos are amazing<3

  18. I like salad but Im not much of a salad eater… but I have to admit those
    look delicious! 

  19. Is lunch the main meal in your day ? Because it is for me and i don’t
    think a salad alone would be enough

  20. Try romaine lettuce! It is very mild in flavor like iceberg, but has SO
    much more protein and vitamins! Unlike romaine, which is basically just

  21. Francesca Skidmore

    any salad dressing is the unhealthiest thing ever, they may claim to be
    ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’ but most are full of sugars and nasty chemicals so
    try an avoid using any sauce or dressing on your salad

  22. I’m Irish, what is quinoa? I’ve never heard of that here…

  23. OMG i needed this!!!! thank u!!

  24. i usually hate salads, but all of your recipes look AMAZING

  25. I didn’t expect that the quinoa salad will taste so good
    Thank you Tess <3

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