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Kids Lunches

Girls Lunch Box Ideas

Girls need good nutrition and fuel to grow and food income is very important to keep them healthy and smart. We don’t blame you for wanting the very best for your girls, after all, you are what you eat. But sometimes making your kids eat the right food for them can prove itself difficult. If you were wondering how to keep the hype of Back to School after the first month is over and make lunch box fun and healthy, keep reading. We’ve got some lunch box ideas that will make your girls want to carry a lunch box to school and get enough nutrition.  And don’t forget to get an appealing lunch box, because it’s all about the packaging.

  1. Always try to fill more food categories. This will provide more variety and not only it’s healthier, it keeps things interesting. Start with some cooked brown rice and ham rolls. You can add some green beans on the side, and for desert you can offer a cookie or a brownie plus some fresh fruit salad.
  2. You will never get a complaint about this one. Pancakes. It’s the most brilliant idea, because even we, adults, if given the chance would have breakfast food for any meal of the day. Keep it healthy by making the pancakes whole grain, and keep them tasty by making them whole grain chocolate chip, add some syrup, some Greek yogurt so they get their dairy income, and some fruits of choice.
  3. Our next lunch box idea involves hard cooked eggs for protein income to get those muscles growing and keep your girls healthy. Combine them with some cottage cheese, nicely packed. For snack add some whole grain pretzels and for healthy dessert some honeydew melon.
  4. Make some oatmeal chocolate chip muffins overnight and make your life easier and your girls’ lunch much tastier. They will love them and it is a real tummy filler. Match the muffins with some grapefruit for extra vitamins. Add some low-sodium turkey and cut some cucumber to keep some variety.
  5. So far we did well by avoiding sandwiches because sandwiches can be boring and really uninteresting for little girls, since there is nothing going on there. So just make the extra effort and cut them into hearts. The food will look better, more fun, and it will guarantee you extra points with your girls. Make the sandwiches with some Hawaiian roll ham. Match them with some cut cucumbers and bell peppers. And while you are keeping the theme with the hearts, cut the cucumbers too. Add some cracker and hummus for snacks and some marshmallows for dessert.

Like we said, even though nutrition is the most important thing for you, for your girls packaging is everything. Make sure you let them choose their lunch box, because after all, it’s they who have to carry it around every day. A little tip, stock up on some heart shaped and flower stickers and some fun colorful paper for notes. Those will make everything more interesting.

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