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Great Bento Box Lunch Ideas for Kids

Bento boxes are a fun, practical way to prepare lunch and make sure your kid gets the proper meal at school. Bento boxes come in different sizes and fun colors which makes them all the more popular with both children and adults. And while preparing your kid’s meal can be enjoyable and nurturing, you can easily slip into a routine which may result with boring lunches that are the same every second day. We have prepared some great bento box lunch ideas that will make your job easier.

1. Superhero lunch

Every kid wants to be a superhero, and even some adults as well. Treat your kid to a fun filled bento lunch box. You can use a shape cutter to cut off a Batman shaped sandwich or just use a knife and your imagination. Pick a fruit or vegetable that complements the colors of the superhero you have chosen for the day.

Use blackberries for Batman, some red strawberries for Superman or for salad you can use some baby carrots and cucumbers if your theme is Aquaman. The opportunities are limitless. Cut out start or superhero logos and make sure everything is arranged tastefully.  Bento Boxes are great because the food is compressed and you mostly keep the shapes on place as you’ve made them.

2. Sea world inspiration

Another great bento box lunch idea is under the sea. Sea world is always a great idea actually, but mixed with a lunch box it is pure fun. Cut the sandwich to make a fish shape and you can even add an eye using some cut olive. To keep it with the theme you can choose sea world bento box on a tuna sandwich day, but if tuna is not your thing, stick with what you know. Any sandwich will work and playing to your kid’s preferences will only score you points.

Decorate with love and you can add some vegetable made sea stars or bubbles. Use colorful food so it will look interesting. Bonus points if you get some extra fish-shaped snack for desert.

3. Bamboo Sticks

This is for when you want to shake things up. If you feel you’ve been stuck in a rut with making sandwiches every day, you can use bamboo sticks to make it feel more interesting. You can still use the same ingredients you would normally use, things you know are healthy and safe and nutritious, but the preparation is three times the fun. Cut out all the ingredients, including bread and cheese into cubes.

You can also cut out cherry tomatoes into half or keep them as it is, some cucumber or really any food of your choice. Use the bamboo stick to arrange a kind of sandwich kebabs, arranging bread, tomatoes, cheese etc. onto the stick. Your kid will love it. You can also use the same idea for making a fruit salad on a stick.

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