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Kids Lunches

Guide to Healthy Meal Prep: 5 Easy Steps

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  1. exactly what I was looking for! Thank you! So far have been following your
    videos for a month and working out 4-5 days a week. My husband is amazed at
    the difference in my body. I was not overweight but was not healthy. Now
    slowly I am becoming healthy, slim and toned. Seriously I call you my
    “personal Trainer” to anyone that asks how I did it, haha. xoxo

  2. Hi joanna i start to do meal prep now. But my meal really like ice freeze
    in freezer soni need to warm up in microwave for 4-5minutes. Yes it stiil
    taste nice. But i was thinking it feels like everynthing cooked twice :
    cook and reheating. Thats why i am worry that i am losing nutrition value
    esp with veggie. Are we loose alotnof nutrition by cooked , freeze and

    Is any thing can be food prep?
    Becausw most of meal prep recipe o found is basically either meat with
    steamed veggie or pasta.

    Can we do meal prep for complex asian food ( you know alot of spices and
    veggie , leaf or even egg)

  3. my dear u r not replying me I hv watched almost all yr meal plans i cant
    see 5 days fish cooking method but i cooked it my self i also marinate it
    with ginger garlic paste and oyster/ soya sauce, red chilli and salt and
    carrots potato and cucumber I slightly stir fried in pan then added in
    baking trey let s see how it will taste it is in oven i tried mny hard to
    find its recipe on yr chnnal but Icant find… Finally I finished my 5
    days lunch and dinner break fast I already made 2 days before Egg muffins
    ( i was taking only egg muffin w green tea) today I chked again that u were
    NOW I WILL TAKE BOTH but my banana muffins were not good or properly baked
    might be my molds were not paper cup any ways thanks a lot for sharing all
    these videos i m waiting yr reply ot my queries pls get back to me thanks

  4. Joanna, I just wanted to say that since I’ve been following you I am
    already down a whole dress size in clothes and my belly is getting flatter.
    I was so amazed at the results. I know I have a significant way to go,
    but I am truly on the right track. Thank you JOANNA SOH!!!!!

  5. Hi Joannah I m also following your meal plan and some workouts too as I m
    going gym I m trying to msg u since a week but never rcvd any reply back
    I also added u in my face book but no respond. Pls share these lunch and
    dinner recipes w me I will also store my lunche and dinner like u although
    I m always at home but I have to start my packing to move for Malaysia so
    I want time to pack all my luggage in 4-5 days. Pls pls reply all my
    queries and pls try to share Pakistani foods under 300 calories if u can (
    i know u will never like it but I like yr foods ) Only I can eat these its
    hard for Pakistani ppl to eat less spicy foods I like less spicy as My
    stomach is not good bt i m adding little bit more spices as green chilli or
    red chilli in my salads etc. Pls make a video in gym how to use weight
    lifting machines to reduce belly N abs fat and tone up body Pls do it for
    me and all other ladies who r going GYM N there is no instructor . I luv u 

  6. Hi Joannah, I love your videos. You have really motivated me to start my
    weight loss and fitness journey. I just have one question. Which meal plan
    do I need? Can I take a dinner option from the 90 day meal plan and a lunch
    option from the bikini meal plan? Or do I need to stick to one meal plan?
    Right now I am on the 90 day meal plan but I was confused because then I
    will have to eat the same foods for many weeks. Can I do one meal plan for
    one week and another meal plan for another week? Please let me know. Thank

  7. I am so glad I found this video! As a college student, I find it the
    absolutely perfect way to stay on track and especially with a tight budget.
    Wonderful ideas and everything looks SOOOO delicious <3. Thank you so much
    for sharing this wonderful meal prep and plan! Thank you!! <3

  8. Guide to Healthy Meal Prep: 5 Easy Steps: Joanna Soh

  9. Very good advice thanks.
    Boy that chopping board sliding all over the place is dangerous! Put a wet
    towel under it girl! :)

  10. Guide to Healthy Meal Prep: 5 Easy Steps: Joanna Soh

  11. Thanks so much for this video. It was very informative and inspiring. I
    am just starting out with meal prepping and I love it. I don’t think I
    will ever go back to not having my meal ready in advance. Thanks again.

  12. dont you get tired of eating the same thing the whole week?

  13. Love it and thanks for your hard work! I’m going to your website for the
    bikini challenge!

  14. Oeeeh I’m loving that muffin pie and the peanut bar. Thanks for reminding
    me to get started. Subscribed 🙂 

  15. Krassimira Stefanova

    I would get so tired of eating the same meal for 5 days…

  16. Mette Guldbæk Pedersen

    Im gonna start doing this to get back into control. My control of eating
    has been way out of line lately due to setback cause of a time where
    everything collided and i still can’t pick up what i left and i gained 3
    kilos. its not much but its bad enough when you weigh too much as it is..!
    I am enjoying tomorrow as the “last” don’t-give-a-damn with the family as
    we’re going out to explore my cousin but friday I will get started on
    preperation for the upcoming week to stay on track. i dont feel for cooking
    in this boiling heat and i dont feel like eating but i still get hungry and
    grab the wrong food _

    But now im working on a meal prep list of things i want to eat :)

  17. this is so cool. Thanks so much! 

  18. Hi Johanna, thank you for this video, isn’t it boring to eat the same thing
    for 5 days?

  19. Please answer my question Joanna … Thanx :)

  20. I think that we can freeze it much longer:) great recipies:)

  21. Can you do another one of this!? It is amazing 😀 !!

  22. She said 5 days.

  23. awesome video!! very helpful, thank you!
    but could you maybe add vegetarian/vegan options aswell?


  25. love love loveeee….. your video !!!!!!!

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