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Kids Lunches

HEALTHY After School Snack ideas! ♡ Quick & Easy

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  1. Hope you all enjoyed this healthy snack ideas for after school and I will
    be doing a giveaway along because it will be my 1 year anniversary next
    week so please comment prize requests

  2. ✽ shannon ~ jrzgirlz ✽

    YUM… bring me some :D

  3. These look so goooodd! I’m literally so hungry now

  4. Yasss gurl loved the video :)

  5. misscharlottebeauty1

    Loved this so much Brit

  6. This is so good <33 the healthy chips look amazingggg!

  7. Watching this just made me hungry!

  8. These look so delicious Britney, definitely trying them! 🙂 x

  9. Love this Britney, they all look so delicious <3 x

  10. Needed this! Such a good video Brit!

  11. Under 301 $ I love your channel!! 

  12. What do you learn in Australian school like the subjects

  13. I love your videos hope you do more soon

  14. infinitebeauty xo

    Omg misterwives

  15. I watched through the entire video while eating popcorn. 

  16. Yummy! This look delicious

  17. Peanut butter is high in both fat and cholesterol (even though it contains
    protein) ><

  18. Love your videos girl! :)

  19. Can you do a DIY fall/winter food,drinks and room decor video???

  20. Do u live in Sydney?

  21. I loved them all!! The sweet patato one looks good !! <3

  22. Also I love the bananas with peanut butter idea!!

  23. Not to be a hater or anything but I think you are pronouncing Oregano wrong

  24. loved the video! xx but just wanted to say it made me a bit dizzy from the
    camera moving up and down a lot but that might just be me 🙂 

  25. The banana one looks so GOOOOOD!! 

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