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Kids Lunches

Healthy After School Snack Ideas

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  1. Arnt u like 10?? Why are u on YouTube ??

  2. omg your voice is so annooyying

  3. i dont think nutella is healthy

  4. What’s model of your camera? Sorry i dont speak english im speak spanish :D

  5. I liked the smoothie idea but you lost my intrest when you said carrots :p

  6. Jess Stypayhorlikson

    Your voice is really high pitched

  7. none of these are healthy. Unless the yogurt you use is greek or plain , no
    nutella, and humus instead of salad dressing… 

  8. How old are you

  9. Strawberries and nutella are healthy??

  10. “healthy”

  11. The Nutella one was far from healthy! But loved the smoothie idea!

  12. How old are you

  13. did you even peel the carrots?

  14. Loved this! What did you use to edit?

  15. kiwiwiwiwiOvane Acosta

    LA nutella debe de ser super saludable. xd

  16. You got yourself a new sub!

  17. Y do u never answer the comments about filming and stuff like dat….. U
    never answer wat app u use to edit your videos. U only answer to brag about
    wat camera u use!

  18. your voice is almost like yuya´s voice its a mexican vlogger, good video :)

  19. Is great that you make your own snacks by yourself!

  20. She uses google drive just saying

  21. Good

  22. Nutella=life

  23. cristal betancourt

    You people are so rude honestly, she made the video giving ideas for snacks
    and you’re over here dissing her on her voice and mistakes. Grow the fuck
    up and stop making fun of someone you know nothing about.

  24. Nutella and healthy in the same sentence? Are you sure? 

  25. I hate Nutella what else can I use?

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