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Kids Lunches

Healthy After School Snacks! Easy to Make! | HauteBrilliance

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  1. okay, but seriously. how many youtubers actually eat like this on a regular

  2. I think you should’ve blended the banana and the oatmeal to make it easier 

  3. Me and my mom made the rice but soy sauce and other stuff
    It tasted great

  4. She makes all that food an instead of grabbing one of the cookies or the
    apple slices she grabs the little berry lol.

  5. rainicornicopia 777

    I watch this as I eat a plate of nachos :////

  6. i would eat em all togethr after school :D

  7. I love banana and PB! I sit with the jar of PB between my knees, a knife
    in one hand and teh banana in the other. I put some PB on the end of teh
    banana, then bite that piece off and repeat! lol-its pretty hillbilly of
    me, but its quick, delicious, and saves on dishes! I have to have many
    surgeries a year and when i’m post-op many people know they can treat me by
    slicing banana and putting a big glob of PB on each slice though. i never
    do that for myself but it reminds me of being a kid when others do take the
    time! I feel like its some kind of fancy appetizer!

  8. Why don’t you eat meat? I don’t want to be a hater but why?

  9. I stop the video halfway through made peanut butter apple sandwiches

  10. where did u get the jar?

  11. Where do you buy the “mug” that you hade smoothie and fruit water in?

  12. Omgsh sounds and looks so good!

  13. I tried the oatmeal banana cookies and it tasted like a chemical reaction.
    I dont know if i did it wrong but it only made 4 cookies and yeah. It was
    soooooo bad. 

  14. Mickey Pigknuckles

    Shame about the shitty music.


  16. your house looks super nice!

  17. So some ppl ( not saying this Video) should stop saying vegan is so so so
    healthy , while no vegan is having a bad life style , I am not vegan , but
    I can avoid icecream , cookie and peanut butter , which I not think they
    are not even as healthy low fat meat .

  18. skippy creamy is amazing-but i get the 1/3 less fat version and its just as
    good! it can sometimes be hard to find though..you just gotta look around
    to see who carries it!

  19. You should avoid eating so many bananas.. They are high in calories..and i
    dont know if peanut butter qualifies as “healthy”

  20. White people smh this shit sucks get a real wife not a fucking plastic

  21. i wish lol when i come home i don’t give a fuck i just eat everything in my
    eye site

  22. Awwww ur so sweet to your sister

  23. THE MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO! <3 <3 :]

  24. I still put thumbs up but you talk to much

  25. s.lutgerink@gmail.com

    was nice to see that the little sister wanted to be part of it by helping a
    little.. haha feels like me when i was like 12/13 en my sister was around
    15/16. always wanted to be part of whatever she was doing… 

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