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Kids Lunches

Healthy Back to School Breakfast, Lunch & After School Snacks! | GettingPretty

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  1. I have that sandwich everyday at lunch now and it’s seriously so delicious.
    I get so many complements thanks to u!! Ily

  2. Courtney Lundquist

    That sandwich looks delicious!

  3. I love the editing! How did you put in the thought bubbles?! So cute!

  4. Im DEFINITELY going to try that sandwich with the ciabatta bread. That
    looks delicious!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jump_canter_gallop_11

    Love u so much xx

  6. Wow! Awesome video idea! Love your videos 🙂 

  7. Where’d you buy the pesto? My grandma makes pesto but it’d be nice to have
    it in a container

  8. can u do a video for like college? like ur morning routine and if u bring
    food what u bring. I’m starting my freshman year monday and I’m so nervous.
    i don’t even know what to wear

  9. Definitely going to try these!

  10. I totally feel like the only person that doesn’t like peanut butter!

  11. love how these were all unique! love you!

  12. Ciabatta bread isn’t all that healthy 

  13. A tip for everyone interested in the sandwihc! Often times sandwiches with
    toamto on them cna get a little soggy( especially if you don’t use ciabatta
    bread), so it would be a good idea to put the toamtoes in a seperate bag
    and then put on the sandwich when you get to school! just thought i would

  14. Would it be good if you put bananas instead of strawberries? 

  15. Love this!!!!!

  16. I love your videos! I subscribed! 

  17. a hint to make the cheese easier to cute is to put it in the freezer 10
    mins prior to cutting it . just FYI :)

  18. This was such a great vid definitely the best one I’ve seen this year 

  19. where did you get that little mason jar???


  21. What about bologna & cheese with mayo.

  22. I love ur ideas and I like the video editing to

  23. all of those things look sooo good. going to go make that apple banana
    peanut butter snack right now for a late night snack! =]

  24. I’ve heard “low fat” is bad for you. Is this true? 

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