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Kids Lunches

Healthy Back to School Lunches for Children

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  1. CookingWithMonira 12

    In england ( where i live) they sell a maonase called helmonds and that is
    a very expensive product and i always have it ! My mum watched your video
    and made this for my pack lunch it was scrumptious. Thank you fir posting
    this video :)

  2. I love ur guitar chopping board where did u find it

  3. so cute 😀 youre a so cute momy

  4. Watched a few of your videos. U seem like a really good person. Js. 

  5. Isn’t taking the edges off wasting the inside too? Haha

  6. Tie your hair back.

  7. Where
    Can I find some of this sticks u out the watermelon on?

  8. I don’t drain all the water.. I want it juicy!

  9. i love tuna sandwidg from lottielincoln

  10. We miss you Rebecca? When are you returning? 

  11. I’m English !!! My mum always packs me cucumber sandwiches

  12. looks amazing ! But is it safe to pack tuna for school? 

  13. You are the best baker I know!

  14. When are you coming hope everythings ok 

  15. i like all your video i wish i was your kid

  16. Ur such a fun person love u 

  17. Can you make some breakfast/lunch idea videos?? I really like your ideas
    they are so simple and quick!

  18. Hey, how long does tuna salad last in a lunch box, a Playmate one to be
    specific. Also, how should I wrap the gel packs around it/ any additional
    information I should know? Thank you :)

  19. Can you make breakfast ideas/lunch ideas videos?? I really like your ideas
    they r so quick and simple! 

  20. I am nine and going back to school and I tried ALLof it and it taste very

  21. Wynntn Hindenburg


  22. You are so creative ! I wish my mom made lunch for me like this. Not that
    I don’t love her!

  23. Well now i know what to make for lunch for work tomorrow O: ! You’re
    awesome !

  24. What country do you live in

  25. I agree with Jonathan Lee and a creative and good cook too 

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