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Kids Lunches

Healthy DIY Lunch Ideas for School ♡ Quick and Easy

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  1. Dude you spelled sandwich wrong

  2. makeupbydesireexo

    why doesn’t she go to school

  3. Where do u get that jar thing (I am British) 

  4. I LOVEEEE FOOODD SO MUCHH! ❤️❤️A N Y O N E want to be youtube friends?
    Reply when you sub and ill sub back RIGHT AWAY!!❤️❤️

  5. Dear person reading this,
    Just dropping by to say you are amazing and gorgeous all on your own. If
    someone tells you you can’t , you try your very best to prove them wrong,
    never give up on your dreams. You were born to be great and do great for
    others. Just doing my best to try and be nice in a place that can be full
    of hate, hoped this made someones day.

    God Bless :)

  6. You need to go back to school.. I’ve never seen someone misspell the word
    sandwich that badly 

  7. Yasss the editing is on point Teala and the lunch ideas seem so yummy!
    Thanks for this 🙂 

  8. Yasss the editing is on point Teala and the lunch ideas seem so yummy!
    Thanks for this 🙂 

  9. Angel-chan Jaegerjaquez

    -shows nutella at 0:18
    -uses Crystal Light powder

    Also you might want to tone your voice down, you’re unnecessarily loud when
    speaking into the mic.
    Check and correct spelling errors at least twice when editing.

    Other than that, you’re great.


  11. Why are people in he about her eyebrows I didn’t even notice them

  12. First you gotta flip your hair and then bounce yo titties flip yo and
    bounce yo titties xD

  13. Your videos keep getting better and better Teala and I honestly don’t even
    know how that is possible but

  14. +Tealaxx2 You eat different than I do. I love your food Idea. Could you DM
    me the recipe for me? It looks very interesting & healthy. I see how you
    stay in great shape. I never had tofu before. For me, I have a poor way of
    eating for my lunch. I’m 24 & The only two things I eat for my lunch are
    Lays Lightly Salted Chips & a Roasted Turkey Sandwich to fill me up as
    usual. A friend mentioned that I should eat more healthier because Chips
    are bad. I can’t find another good snack except seedless watermelon which
    is the only fruit that I like having you know.

  15. I don’t get the wather with fruits…. When you finish the wather , what do
    you do with the fruits ??
    But I love the video :))

  16. You seriously need a new mic

  17. But how are you supposed to bring those drinks to school? I don’t know…
    Some of these were kind of unrealistic:)

  18. After school eating healthy is the last thing on my mind. 

  19. I saw you on dog with a blog

  20. where you get your hair from???!!! please answer!!!!!!!

  21. RIP headphone users for almost all of the video. 

  22. Fucking Bethany mota beat me

  23. Tips on how to keep fruit fresh during school?

  24. I love your videos

  25. Anyone wannt to be YouTube FRIENDS? Tell me once you’ve subbed and I’ll sub
    back back asap! :))

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