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Healthy ‘Fast’ Foods – Veggie Burger, Hot Dog & Fries

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  1. Hi my lovelies, have you tried making these recipes? Do let me know your
    own chosen combination and which is your favourite. Written recipe is up on
    my website too. Do share it! Here’s the link:

  2. Poor potatoes get a bad rep becuz of fast food restaurants :/

  3. I just watched like 10 videos in a row, and I just want to say that your
    videos are super helpful, informative and motivational. Thank you!

  4. ohhh Joanna I love your dress in this video can u please tell me where did
    u buy it from I need a dress for myself to go to a event I luv yours I
    would be happy if u replied <3 🙂 and really greatful to u I am doing the
    8 week bikini body challenge its been only two weeks but I must say I am
    starting to see quite of results wow thankx I am toning up 🙂 I ckeck my
    measurements every two weeks and I must say I lost some inches hahah 

  5. You are so awesome!!! Thank God for you. Making Zucchini bread now

  6. My Life Zippy Style

    WOW this is just so amazing how you came up with such low fat options. Im
    going to save this and try these recipes they look very delicious!!!

  7. It started so nicely with baked veggie burger and then I got disappointed
    to hear about meats :(

  8. Hey Joanna, your idea of self made burgers is absolute genius to me!! I’ll
    try it soon. My friends like to BBQ (I know BBQ food is not too healthy)
    and I wonder, do you think your self made meat food can be put on the BBQ?
    Do you have any experience with this? Thanks for the healthy ideas!! Love
    you girl!

  9. Hi +Joanna Soh will these food can make u gain weight

  10. looks really yummy & it’s healthy. thanks for sharing your recipe! :-)

  11. Can I add bulgur to the vigiburger or is it high in calories? 

  12. Wow I really gonna try this, Joanna.again with the same question can I eat
    this if Im doing your 8 weeks bikini body challenge?

  13. Can you tell me what GOOD BREAD OR PITA i can use to do tasty quesadillas? 

  14. no such thing as healthy fast food. If it’s healthy then it’s no longer
    FAST food. but hey, I would like to taste this healthy hot asian anytime :D

  15. The burger is like falafal and i love both !!!

  16. your’s making style is osam baby.yes i like yours cooking & you.because i’m
    a general chef in dubai.thx

  17. Great idea..I am so exited to make my own fast food. Thanks 4 sharing with

  18. Wowww!!! I’ve tried the sweet patatoes recipe!!!! It is soooo good i can’t
    believe that its clean food! Thank you soooo much!!! 

  19. your so beautiful and sweet awesome recipes

  20. why sweet potato and not the regular yellow potatoes?
    (a reply from any one would be appreciated) =)

  21. Is a serving of 94,3 cals without the bun and vegetables or is that
    included in the cals?
    Thank you for the answer and I love your videos. They are awesome x

  22. oh god thx u 4 sharing this such beautiful, delicious, n less calories
    food. u r so beautiful, smart, creative n all ur videos r super good
    helpful n informative thx u so much

  23. hi,you are the best lady.

  24. rodolfo rodriguez

    Want thank you Johanna Soh, for your advices, your recipes work great on
    me, Greetings from Mexico!!

  25. ‘save you waste line and save your health spend that £1 extra’..lmao love

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