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Kids Lunches

Healthy Kids Snacks – Peanut Butter, Bananas, Graham Crackers by Rockin Robin

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  1. WickedLilLadyXoX:)

    Those look so yummy!!! I’m defiantly making some!! 🙂 thank you!!

  2. I tried this with my lil sis after i watched this video and it tasted so
    good my lil sister thought i was an icecream sandwich i love these so much

  3. Me and my little sister woke up hungry one night so we were scanning
    YouTube for easy snacks and we came apond this one and so we tried this
    snack and it is good it is easy to make and it is fun. Thanks!

  4. Would this work well with chocolate graham chrackers too???

  5. How long do you freeze them for?

  6. Rockin Robin's Cooking Mexican Recipes

    I store these snacks in the freezer. They do not become rock hard and
    actually soften up in a few minutes.

  7. Will it be as good if I’ll put the peanut & banana to bread instead of
    graham crackers? ‘coz I’m thinking of trying that!

  8. Different strokes for different folks. Elvis did it

  9. Rockin Robin's Cooking Mexican Recipes

    Yes! Adults like them too. My boys still ask me to make them and they are
    in their 20’s!

  10. I’d make those to eat myself! It’s nice to have easy, healthy snack ideas
    for kids when you’re trying to avoid feeding them junk.

  11. I had to make a healthy snack for a class called child development for a
    project and I made this. Everyone loved them!!

  12. how long did you freeze them for?

  13. Wow, that’s really simple but looks cool. The thing is I just don’t have a
    “masher”. Your kids must be really healthy to have you as their mom, why
    don’t you make them your guests in some of your videos?

  14. I also used this mash and put it on some apples (:

  15. Rockin Robin's Cooking Mexican Recipes

    Thanks, now my boys are adults. One shoots some of my videos and the other
    edits some of my videos. Neither is really interested in being in a video!
    I will work on that tho!

  16. Rockin Robin's Cooking Mexican Recipes

    Hi Mallory! Fantastic! I am glad everyone loved them!! Keep cooking! Thanks
    for updating us and letting us know about your experience.

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