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Kids Lunches

Healthy Lunch Box that Looks Delicious

Pack a healthy lunch box for your kid that also looks and tastes delicious. Do not be afraid to use leftovers from last night also, because they can make up a great meal for your kid and still keep the healthy ingredients.

1. Walnut Scones

You’ll need:

  • 225g flour
  • Baking powder, 1tsp
  • Butter, 50g
  • Walnuts, 50g
  • Whole Milk, 150ml
  • One egg
  • Goat cheese
  • Fig jam

Heat the oven to 200 C ad place a baking sheet dusted with flour. In a large bowl, mix the baking powder, flour and salt. Add also butter and rub the ingredients together until they become similar to breadcrumbs. Add the milk and the walnuts and mix everything and tip it on the work surface where you’ll form one ball out of the mixture. Flatten the dough and make a round disc which you will cut into 6 small triangle scones.

Put them on the baking sheet, brush them with a beaten egg and put a walnut on each scone. Bake the scones for 15 minutes. Add fig jam or goat cheese together with the walnut scones in the lunch box for your kid and your kid will have a delicious and healthy meal for that day.

2. Pizza Pasta Salad

You’ll need:

  • Pasta, 85g
  • Olive oil, 1 tsp
  • Tomato pesto, sundried, 1 tbsp
  • Halved plum tomato, 85g
  • Cubed mozzarella, 50g
  • Halved black olives, 4
  • Salami, 4 slices
  • Basil leaves

Cook the pasta as you usually cook it. After they are cooked, drain them and cool them. Mix them with the tomato pesto and the oil and season all that. Place the mixture in the box, add the rest of the ingredients and end with the basil. This is probably the quickest and easiest recipe for a healthy lunch box for your kid.

3. Snacks for the lunch box

For snacks you can use different things like custard plums, pineapple muffins, yogurt, granolas, veggie sticks, bean dips, raspberries, cinnamon, carrots and apricots.

For bean dip and veggie sticks whizz one can of butterbeans with lemon juice, water, one garlic clove, olive oil and chopped parsley. Make the veggie sticks from 1 celery stick, half red pepper and 1 carrot.

For a smoothie with banana and raspberries whizz 1 banana, 85 grams of raspberries and 150ml of orange juice.


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