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Kids Lunches

Healthy Raw Food Lunchbox Ideas!

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  1. how do you get your kids to eat brown apples?
    you know apples brown over quick time after being cut.

  2. Im a freshman and I make my own lunch. Im vegetarian but have an interest
    in vegan meals. The issue is a lot of these meals dont save well… apples,
    bannanas, and avacodo turn brown. stuff get mushy, things get soggy and
    yeah. So any ideas??

  3. Someone stick a fully cooked piece of meat in her mouth 

  4. how does those raw broccoli taste like? euw..

  5. maybe no kid will it this but I’m gonna start makin this for school lunch

  6. Sarah Burns Warman

    Check out this video on YouTube: Some great ideas!

  7. how long would this keep you full for?

  8. if my kids opened up their lunch box and saw those recipes they would
    faint…what kid really eats this? i wish mine did

  9. Can you make a video on a meal plan 4 kids?

  10. I think your Husband makes you wear all those Bracelets so he can hear you
    coming. That way he has time to hide his un-healthy snacks

  11. how do you stop apples from turning brown

  12. jablka i banany sciemnieja i beda wygladac delikatnie mowiac nieapetycznie

  13. This is diet good for people that work out a lot? I have recently started
    reading about the raw food diet, but I’m not sure if it is for me. I might
    try it a few days a week.
    The reason why I think it’s maybe not for me is because, I’m a 23yo guy who
    works out rather much. A lot of running and cycling. How do I get enough
    carbs and proteins?? 

  14. This gal is my guru! And she’s not too busy to email you, unlike Dara!!!
    Great lunches.

  15. I can’t imagine myself having any time to eat a meal this large when I was
    younger. In middle school and high school I had 20-25 minutes to eat lunch.

  16. Does anyone else think there’s too much sugar in them…?

  17. Where do you get your fruits and veggies from? My grocery veggies and
    fruits do not look this good

  18. im going to try it

  19. Hey Kristina,

    in recent videos I don’t see you using any kinds of nuts and seeds. Did you
    change your opinion about them or is it just that you do not share eating
    them atm?

    I am curious because recently I have heard some raw-vegans criticising nuts
    and seeds as not being fully raw. 

  20. Hi! Thanks for the tips! All of them look so delicious :)! But I have one
    question, can I substitute the mango in the last lunchbox set, the fully
    raw tropical set, for some other tropical fruit, because unfortunately I
    don’t like the taste of mango? Is the mango nutrition-wise a requirement
    for this set, or can I substitute it with e.g. papaya or something?

  21. Love the ideas but can’t help to wonder, is it not too much sugar to
    consume in one meal?

  22. Those all look so DELICIOUS

  23. My kid’s school doesn’t allow nuts :(

  24. this look so yummy; just one question can you eat the skin of the figs? and
    were do you buy them at?

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