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Kids Lunches

HEALTHY RECIPES | QUICK Delicious Breakfast Ideas

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  1. Эрик Миханов

    It looks very delicious and healthy! I’m subscribing to your channel by
    hoping that you’ll film something like it but with lunch, dinner and stuff
    to eat in between healthy as well!

  2. Yummy

  3. bruh…. that looks shmaaacking!!!!!!!!!!

  4. HEALTHY RECIPES | QUICK Delicious Breakfast Ideas:

  5. Can you substitute the grilled chicken for baked chicken?

  6. OMG a man that cooks! That omelette looks great. I’m going to try that with
    Turkey bacon thanks!

  7. mmm! i have to try this, looks great!

  8. Amazing

  9. Definitely a must try

  10. Looks healthy & delish…gona give it a try:)

  11. Quick? this is anything but quick… 

  12. Why didn’t I see this before ! Huh ! “I’m so Frickin pissed” ( white
    chicks) … anyways good video great recipe. 

  13. that looks really good

  14. hey Brettcap ,that omlette looks great I’going to try it. QUICK you are
    cooking healthy of course but aren’t you a bit concern about using PAM
    which has propane and silcone ,or is is that not a big issue for you?

  15. Bahbah Blacksheep

    You are so damm sexy :3

  16. HEALTHY RECIPES | QUICK Delicious Breakfast Ideas:

  17. it looks yummy, but why not use a whole egg?

  18. like a shakshuka except thats not an omelette and has spicy tomato sauce

  19. Hearty breakfast! I could definintely get my husband to eat this. He’s not
    really big into healthy stuff. I also have those same mugs beside your
    stove :)

  20. this looks amazing!! I really love eggs & I don’t make nearly enough
    omelets! thanks for the recipe!

  21. Dude! This looks bbommbb diggity. Trying this tomorrow morning!

  22. hi i am fan of yours i just want to know how i would start doing diet and
    burn my belly fat.

  23. Yo man do u cook jus the egg whites or can you use the whole egg ? Need
    help tryin to loose some weight. 

  24. Damn I will be making this, without the cheese thou. Thanks 

  25. Thanks Brettcapp

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