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How to be a Healthy Vegetarian for Beginners

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  1. Great show, beautiful hair, lovely info. Go plant eaters!! I’m stoked to
    find you. Subscribed. 

  2. Wow love the food and both of u are stunning!

  3. |queeneferterri|

    You both are gorgeous!!!
    I’m a cosmetologist, specializing in natural hair. I have to say both of
    you have awesome hair! #TEAMNATURAL. 

  4. I’m going to go vegetarian but probably my biggest obstacle is convincing
    my mom that I’m not going to die without meat in my life *sigh* 

  5. This video has a very cool 90’s vibe to it. Idk! LOL. I’m weird I know. I
    have decided to become a vegetarian and these were some great tips. New
    subscriber! :-D

  6. The issue i have with soy milk is that all soy is genetically modified by
    monsanto and increases estrogen in males. In there another man friendly

  7. Indian food is great for vegetarians! Avoid the rich creamy restaurant
    recipes though and go for the home recipes..Manjula’s kitchen is a great
    channel for home recipes

  8. Great video! I am looking into trying to find some really good vegan
    recipes simply because they seem to be naturally low cholesterol which is
    what I want. I know that whole grain is better, but I have found that I
    really love pearled farrow which of course has most of the outer coating
    rubbed off. Do you know if there is still some of the bran on it and is it
    still a good source for grains?

  9. So beautiful u both are. Just started on my bday. Wish me luck.

  10. I’m trying to be a vegetarian + (no processed foods) for Lent. You ladies
    are awesome! 🙂 thanks

  11. Hey the five second rule counts on that strawberry, get it quick!

  12. You ladies are great! :-)

  13. I adore the lipstick 😀 

  14. Going to become a vegetarian in college because I’m not a big meat eater
    now any way. My friends and I are going to do it together when we move in
    an apartment together. I hope it helps her with her health problems along
    with cross country and color guard! :D

  15. I tried to go vegetarian in high school and failed. I’m debating trying
    again and this was a helpful video. Thanks, ladies!

  16. Thank you so much for this video because am going vegetarian and I need

  17. love everything about you two inspiring women!

  18. Unfortunately red meat makes me very ill so I’ve decided to cut out all
    meat to be safe. You two girls are gorgeous and thanks for the help ~ I’ll
    definitely be checking out the tumblr. This really helped me medically so
    thank you so much and great video!

  19. This is going to help me a lot thanks u two are the best

  20. thank you so much for this, i became vegerterian last month and i have been
    eating a lot of veggie burgers and have been worried about how much
    iron/protien im getting so this was super helpful xx

  21. Man, it feels like I’m watching a mainstream TV show. Thank you very much
    beautiful ladies. I’m encouraged to get back on my Vegetarian diet. I’ve
    gone Vegetarian and during a life crisis I went back to old bad eating
    habits. But I’m hopeful. Thank you for all the info and I will follow more.

  22. great video, glad I found your channel <3. 

  23. Loved all the great tips! I recently have become vegetarian so this videos
    was extremely helpful :)

  24. You guys have such beautiful hair :)!

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