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How to Cook Steak and Spicy Beef Salad Recipe – Gordon Ramsay

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  1. A great dish for January, this salad makes steak go further than
    traditional steak and chips – and the Asian aromatics such a chilli and
    ginger are incredibly good for you. Give it a go. 

  2. What a massive waste of time. Could’ve had a Kentucky in that time. 

  3. Im so hungry for this! 

  4. “turn them once and once only” and then turns it another time. liar. you
    know “bringing it to room temperature for 20 minutes” does nothing. It
    brings internal temperature up by 2-3°F in those 20 minutes which is fuck

  5. Oh wow, looks delicious. I am so happy that you experienced Cambodia and
    Vietnam cooking, I have been to Cambodia several times and the sauce you
    make here is one of my all-time favourites, best made in small batches and
    fresh. I absolutely love this beef salad variation to one I had in
    Cambodia where they mix with tomatoes, shallots and also add fresh chopped
    coriander. I have discovered that this sauce makes a great variation to
    shrimp salad; is fabulous with cubed fresh ripe avocado and chopped shrimp.

  6. Awesome spin on Thai Bison Salad. The steak is supposed to be about that
    rare. I use a lot more beef and less vegetables and eat it over rice. A lot
    of Americans don’t know the hot, sour, and sweet flavors mixed like this.
    Ramsey is on point 

  7. My problem when making this dish was, the steaks became cold when the salad
    was ready to serve. Should I reverse the steps and cook the steaks last?

  8. Thats rare stake…lets not fool ourseleves

  9. Come on Gordon – that shit is raw. IT RAW!

  10. I must try this….really important.

  11. Just a little tip for the peanut. I usually just put the peanut in a
    plastic bag (or 2 bags if they’re thin) and just pound the bag with a
    hammer. Pan and knife don’t look like they can do the job very good.

  12. Why the nuts? I’m afraid that’d ruin it

  13. I really love and admire him! I respect that he can eat, enjoy and cook
    food from many culture. Asia, specially Vietnam has many good food. In his
    videos I see Gordon cooked some Vietnamese food and bring them to the top
    level. I’m so thankful and happy for that!

  14. I thought cutting a steak with the grain made it tough? I always go against
    the grain. I was told that cutting with the grain would make it tough
    because you are chewing with the fibers of the meat so it makes it harder
    to chew. Against the grain meand there’s less connective tissue which makes
    it easier to chew. 

  15. Clay And The Last Clay And The Last

    I Am 12 and i can do that. Its very easy to make!

  16. Stupidly expensive.

  17. Purnamadah Purnamidam

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    seek the truth of life: *Google “Truth Contest” and click on “The Present”*

  18. I don’t eat steak cooked from a pan but i would eat this, it looks so damn

  19. I have a feeling it’d be better to cook the steak after preparing the salad
    as most people aren’t as organised/skilled as Gordon aha dont want that
    steak going cold.

  20. What brand of knife is Chef Ramsay using?

  21. 2 and a half minutes each side

  22. rare steak, yeah no thanks

  23. wowo amazing

  24. Pattarakamon Tianchai

    Love it, Yummy.

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