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Kids Lunches

How to get kids to eat healthy snacks – Healthy snacks for kids

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  1. well i am a kid and i need to see lots of videos so i can be fit thin and
    healthy. I am one of those kids that eats junk food after school or at

  2. “

  3. nom nom nom nom nom :3

  4. @neon169 I used to hate it. Now i like it’s crunchy goodness! Funny how our
    tastes change!

  5. Nice vid. Really helped. And I’m a kid.

  6. Hey! You can easily tone your body and get a healthier physique by
    exercising every day. Make a routine that you like and stick to it. If you
    want to get a flatter belly especially, try any variation on sit-ups,
    crunches, or core yoga. Good luck!

  7. read my channel about milk, u can drink alkaline water with lemon n stevia

  8. juice is terrible for weight loss my doctor said so himself.

  9. its not horrible to have a cookie every once and a while

  10. @Vip3rC4in0022 good job dont make the same mistake so many others do …
    eat healthy its good for you and the healthy food will eventually begin to
    taste good with time God bless.

  11. eww thats naste peas in campells soup u old ladys are so gross and so mean
    to ur kids

  12. Am i the only kid watching this…im watching this cuz i think im not
    eating healthy LOL

  13. to got healthy foooooood for your kids

  14. This account Is No Longer In Use

    I love you sodaaaa. Mmmmmm….coke.

  15. baby carrots? apple slices? she makes it sound like we need t eat what
    babies eat!

  16. SeapointFarmsVideo

    Great video on healthy snacking! We recently put together a video to try to
    inspire healthier snacking for kids. It’s called “Carl Discovers KooLoos
    RAIN.” Its pretty fun for adults too

  17. Why is it hard for you to eat meat and veggies? You are on the right path
    by knowing that your current eating habits are not as healthy as they need
    to be but you do need to change and incorporate healthier options. This is
    for your overall and long-term health.

  18. @hollypop2001 Wow!!! i wrote that comment like two yeaRS ago haha by
    NATURAL I mean freshly squeezed..although a no added sugar juice can’t be
    too bad for you…though remember..to conserve them they have to add

  19. <3 :D How Sweet!

  20. We may not like these type of foods but if we eat it often and see its long
    term benefits, then for sure a lot of your friends and loved ones will
    follow suit. Be a good model for them!

  21. I’m a 14 year old girl and I’m 6 foot tall and weigh about 140 which the
    doctor says is healthy for my height. I’m skinny but I have a bit of a
    belly and it’s because I am unhealthy and eat a ton of carbs. I want to get
    rid of this by eating healthier but it’s hard for me to like meat and
    vegetables..Someone help?

  22. What are you talking about? Apple juice is the best.

  23. Hey apple juice that’s good though

  24. @Jemeela cause i ate in class they put it with peanut butter and raisins..
    all i tasted was that celery.

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