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Kids Lunches

Juicer Juice by Veggie Kids (Kids Cooking!)

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  1. @MissNaturallyFree Thx! It’s so fun, isn’t it? What if your 16 year old got
    to choose his/her own recipe? Although I don’t have teenagers yet so maybe
    that’s just out of the question…haha!

  2. @Shaudu1 Thank you!

  3. @veggiekidsblogspot I’ve try that then. Thanks.

  4. Love this video, they are handsome fellas. That’s awesome they are involved

  5. @Shaudu1 Thanks so much for your nice words! I agree about God helping you
    along by noticing uplifting things. Praying your days are filled with joy!!

  6. I didn’t remember seeing this video, I looked like it was the first time.
    That little one saying juice on the table while his brother was trying to
    sop it up, ah man, that got me chuckling, this video don’t get old. Kids
    tickle me especially the babies that old enough to stare at me that I don’t
    know, it’s funny. When I am sad I notice it more and I think it’s God’s way
    of shaking me out of the hard times, it works every time and I forget about
    whatever it is that’s bothering me.

  7. That’s cute. My kids love juicing too. My 16 year old son is still
    sceptical though.

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