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How to Keep Lunch Boxes Warm

It is very important to know how to properly keep lunch boxes warm till lunch time. It is not healthy nor pleasant to eat cold food all the time, and there are some foods that are meant to be eaten when the food is still hot. Keeping the lunch warm is a problem for most mothers as they cannot seem to figure out that one particular way that will keep all kinds of food warm till lunch hour. However, you will be surprised to find out that there’s no one method that works for all kinds of food. Liquid and solid food must be packed differently so that the temperature can be maintained.

The food remains warm in the morning when you are cooking it. But it will not remain so when it is lunch time in the school. If you want your little one to enjoy warm food, several hours after it has been cooked, then following certain lunch packing methods will come to your rescue. By following these steps, you will not have to worry about how to keep lunch boxes warm. Warm food will ensure an empty lunch box, a happy child and a smile on the mothers’ face.

Using a thermos

One of the main weapons that mothers use to keep the food warm, till the lunch time happens to be a thermos. The container has the property of trapping the heat for a long time. To keep the lunch warm, you will have to heat up the thermos by pouring very hot water into it. After few minutes, empty the thermos and then pack very hot food into it. Once it is sealed, you must place the thermos into the microwave and heat it some more. Instruct your child not to open the thermos before the lunch time to ensure that the food stays warm.

Packing the food into casseroles and foil paper

Lunch box manufacturers have succeeded in making unique meal boxes, which work on the concept of casseroles. These pots are known for their property of keeping the meals warm for a really long time. These casserole type lunch boxes will assist in keeping the food hot till the lunch hour. These lunch boxes are expensive and if you desire to have a cheaper alternative, then opting for the foil papers will be appropriate. Wrapping the food in the foil tightly, will trap the heat into the dish and keep lunch boxes warm. If you are using the foil paper, then make sure that they are of the finest quality. Try to avoid packing gravy in the foil papers.

Insulated lunch box pouches

Another way of keeping the food warm till lunch hours is to pack the meal box in special pouches or bags that will assist in trapping the heat within the box. These pouches are called insulated lunch box bags and are readily available in the market. The special layers of fabrics act as an insulator and prevent the heat from escaping. With these tricks, every mom will be able to ensure that her child enjoys hot food during the recess.

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