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Kids Lunches

Kid History: “Healthy Food” Episode 6 (True Stories)

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  1. “Wheres John?” “He left” “Well I got you some Juuice!” “Thanks!” *Drinks
    Juice* BLUH, *scream* AHHC! Also pause at 7:23 XD that made me laugh so
    hard. Never stop these Bored Shorts!

  2. “You can’t even taste it!!”

  3. “There’s only ONE MINUTE left in my brainnnnnn!”

  4. I have the same plates!!!!!!

  5. FierceFox444Gaming

    gessss therz onwy 1 minute left in my brain…

  6. hahaha theres only 1 minute left in my bwain! LOL!!!XD

  7. watch at 2 speed

  8. “Guess what having a sweet tooth means! It doesn’t mean that you like
    candy; it means that you want some!!” XD

  9. “hi ho di ho!”

  10. my brain is melting…

  11. If you need to laugh to day watch this video!
    #kidsnippets #kidhistory #funny

  12. Me little toesys are ticklin ya hrhrhr

  13. I’m gonadal laugh so hard I’m gonna pe my pants!

  14. What is the song at the beginning of each episode? I want to learn how to
    play it so bad.

  15. *My little toesies are ticklin’ ye!*

  16. 7:19

  17. “It’s in a CUP, instead of an ICE CREAM CONE!” =D

  18. A pinch of salt . . . Let me write this down . . . Lots of love . . . OK .
    . . Lots and lots of tofu . . . Nasty, but I’ll still have it written down
    just in case.

  19. “Guess!” “Time is running out!”

  20. This was the most funniest shows ever!! lol

  21. Love Mom, especially her cheery songs and lovely locks. :)

  22. What a good mom, teaching her kids about taxes and bills by taking their

  23. I do not watch 8 minute videos. This is very, very bad I found Bored Shorts
    TV. I’m in terrible, terrible trouble. My business is going to go down the
    drain. My family will send out search parties. OTOH, when I need a very
    hard belly laugh, I’ll know where to turn. 


  25. Blah! Aaaah!!

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