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Kids Lunches

Kids Eat Green Vegetables…. And LOVE it!

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  1. It is interesting how you can deal with raw food in Germany and the laws
    against child abuse. Somebody can accuse you of abusing your children for
    not letting them to eate proteins. Don’t misunderstand me I’m just trying
    to understand how to deal with this problems on each country. I eat raw
    food too.

  2. Shoving food down your throat is the quickest way to choke to death.

  3. I believe it and i also love green foods .

  4. I love this video. I use it with the autistic children I work with to teach
    eating. It seems to make them less intimidated to eat healthy food! Which
    can be such a struggle for any child! Thank you!

  5. should i eat vegetables or not eaten raw?

  6. You black mailed them with chocolate, didn’t you hahaha

  7. Lol what hamssss! vegan hams…yams??? ;)


  9. I will show this video to my 6 years old daughter 🙂 also what do they have
    in their plates, it seems delicious. Thanks 🙂

  10. I want my kids to eat like this so bad. My two girls will eat like this but
    my two boys wont. Do u have any advice you could give me?

  11. Your children are precious and inspiring!!! love the video!

  12. Your kids are so cute and funny :). Do they always eat their kale that way
    by stuffing it in their mouths? LOL 🙂

  13. my son won’t eat any veg apart from carrots peas and potatoes do you have
    any advice on how to help get him to eat veg

  14. Ka is right. Speaking as a long-term junk food junkie, I actually prefer
    the taste of most raw treats to the toxic stuff you find in supermarkets.
    Once you get a taste for raw chocolate for example, all regular chocolate
    tastes burnt & cloying by comparison. I can eat half a tub of Booja-Booja
    raw vegan icecream without so much as a tummy ache. If I did that with any
    regular icecream, I would feel ill and need a 3-hour sleep whilst my body
    tried to digest all the sugar & chemicals.

  15. first of all, this guy looks like a yoga instuctor, so i imediatly changed

  16. Such cute children!

  17. so peaceful!! 🙂

  18. You do not get the point, Chuck. The kids and us have LOADS of candies. We
    eat RAW Ice-cream, chocolate, cookies, pasta, pizza, bread, pudding, cake
    and soooo much more. Be smart Mr. Norris. Do not eat that cheap junk, but
    have delicious, healthy, natural alternatives that are nutrition loaded and
    quick to make! Love ka

  19. Ha Ha, your kids eat like caterpillars, no worries they’ll be
    butterflies….I mean beautiful healthy children….best wishes

  20. this really inspires me!!!

  21. hihi eure Kinder sind sooooo süss!

  22. This is GREEN KALE what we eat (Gruenkohl)

  23. Thank you Ka for showing us your kids and how they eat. I have 4 raw vegan
    kids myself and my kids love seeing your kids eat the same way they do.
    Great job Ka!!

  24. Man, Dude. I watched this yesterday. I have watched a few of your video
    before and enjoyed them. Every time I watch them they make me want to go
    back to “easy Living”. The kids are so laid back; good living (fill
    circle)!!! Love your Video’s!!!

  25. So beautiful to see this!

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