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Lunch Box Ideas for Special Days

You already know how to prepare the meals that you put into yours and your family’s lunch boxes, and you know it by heart. But, what about some special days and holidays? Don’t you want to surprise your loved ones with a different lunch box ideas and recipes? Here, some tasty recipes that will help spice things up a bit and make something new for the next special day in your lives.

One hard battle that every parent fights with their kids is managing to insert some veggies into the lunch box, but it’s a battle that gets won really hard. But, there are plenty of lunch box ideas that will help you sneak the veggies in the meal for the lunch box, and no one will notice. That’s your only chance of winning!

Pumpkin muffins are a delicious but also a healthy treat. Just don’t spill the secret ingredients to your kids. Fill them with raisins and mashed pumpkin and watch your kids enjoy eating them. 

Veggie pikelets are also filled with hidden veggies that the kids won’t see. They are the perfect addition to any lunch box.

Try making a chocolate beetroot cake and be sure that your kids won’t notice the hidden veggies in it. Add a slice in their lunch box and keep the rest for a cozy night and tea time.

Savory muffins are also a good idea and they are really easy and quick to make. Both kids and adults love them. Once you get a hold of the recipe, you will become a master and will be able to make the muffins with whatever there is in your kitchen.

If your family is bored of the same old banana bread, then try switching it up with pumpkin, pear and ginger loaf. All of the ingredients are healthy and everyone will love it. You can even add a lemon curd, to enrich the flavor.

Brownies are many people’s favorites, so try making the zucchini brownies for a healthier option. They are moist, chocolatey and without a strong zucchini flavor, so kids will definitely love them.

Quiches are a kids’ favorite so a zucchini and mini ham quiches are a great choice for the lunch box. Add carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes and you have a healthy and delicious meal in the lunchbox.

Zucchini and cheese scones are another alternative to the savory rolls. And, they are really easy to prepare. Take your favorite condiments and deli meats and fill these scones with them.

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