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Kids Lunches

Lunch Box Ideas Which Stands Out

When it comes to having meals, kids are very specific with their choice. They have to be very manipulative to make them have their meals. Till the time kids are under the watchful eye of the parents, they can be made to have everything and anything edible. The moment kid’s start going to school, the parents start their influencing ways and prepare lunch boxes in accordance to the wishes of the children. Packing lunch boxes for kids can be a very difficult job for the parents if the kids are very particular about their likes and dislikes.

Children prefer having peanut butter, cupcakes but their lunch box should not contain vegetables. On the contrary, parents want their kids to take along any seasonal fruit, nutritious whole wheat sandwich and a bottle of milk. Deciding on what to pack for lunch is the bone of contention for both the parents and the children. Certain parents lay down their shields than stand up and fight on the question of packing kids lunch box. The strength utilized by the parents to get their wards off video games, homework, television and finally making them sleep wears off the mind as well as the body. There is not a bit of strength left in the body to fight over the matter of what to pack for their lunch.

The question erupts whether the lunch box of your kid should contain fun or wholesome food? How can you give your child a blend of health and fun in their lunch box? The answer is yes, and it does not contain the idea of giving your child pre-packaged lunches. Parents should abstain from giving their child pre-packaged lunches for it contains fats and salts that are more than the requirement of the kids. Instead of giving your kids kind of stuff, you can make something ingenious for the kids lunch boxes. For lunch box ideas following are some examples of creative food you can pack these with.

  • A Mini Pizza- Making a mini pizza for the kids is not time consuming. Just select round crackers for the job, shred cheese to garnish, a pepperoni slice on the top. You will love the eagerness of the kids on watching such a delightful lunch.
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mini pizza

  • Sesame Noodles- You can also pack the lunch for your kids with sesame noodles as it creates an attractive variant for them.

sesame noodles

  • Turkey Sandwich- You can also make your kids a turkey bagel sandwich for their lunch and team it up with strawberries, 1/4 cup of cheese and some baby carrots. Do not give juice boxes for lunch as it contains a lot of sugar which is not ideal for small children.

turkey sandwich

These are certain lunch box ideas that you can also put into use and make your kids lunch box appealing and attractive for them.

The best way to make a lunch box for the kids is to understand the taste of the child along with what the child perceives when he looks at the food and it is indeed one of the best lunch box ideas.


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