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Kids Lunches


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  1. xxmichael jacksonxx

    This lunch isn’t big enough! They need more to eat there’s not even a drink

  2. I think this sounds good for like after school for my 7 year old but for
    lunch? Eh I think they will need a bigger lunch

  3. Why is ever

  4. babyboogalicious

    I could probably see this as a healthy after school snack that some kids
    might enjoy, but for lunch? That doesn’t seem nearly filling enough.

  5. eduardo rodriguez

    im 13 and i am going to have this for lunch even if i am on 8th grade

  6. @ServingHumanity I would and im almost 13 XD

  7. sarah ponypalgal


  8. im almost 13 and this food looks delicious and i am gonna start to make this

  9. ディアス モニカ


  10. Your saying it wouldn’t fill them up? Just make more-_-

  11. StarPopProductions

    Um, obviously he gives his children fat and salt! These are H.E.A.L.T.H.Y
    meals for your child, no one really wants high in fat, salt, and carbs beef
    burgers to feed to their five-year olds…

  12. What did you see your cooking? Yeah I know it’s gross why do you think I
    watch these videos after eating your cooking?

  13. Guys, stop saying “EW!” or “I WILL DIE!” You sound really immature right
    now, shut up! It’s not like he’s your father and he’s uploading this video
    to show you what snack you have in your lunch, so stop crying like babies,
    stop hating on this snack, get off of the computer and do something today,

  14. No kid would actually want that…can you imagine their face when they bite
    those nasty apricots and seeds?

  15. @MaaryLiang Go to cafeteria?

  16. Delicious, but i don’t like the pumpkin seeds, can i change that with
    walnuts or almonds or pishtash nuts, or cashew nuts?

  17. I would die If I had just this for snack.

  18. StarPopProductions

    Apples, pears, peaches, plums, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries,
    oranges, melon. Give them something they enjoy! or some veggies 😉

  19. i’m gana throwup x(

  20. なたまやぬさなゆわな

  21. But will it blend?

  22. @ServingHumanity No cause i eated this at school and im 11

  23. It looks lovely but I live in a city that does not have that food

  24. How dare you you ate my dog Popcorn!!!

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