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Kids Lunches

Lunch Boxes for Small Amount of Money

These simple ideas here to prepare lunch boxes for small amount of money are something that you will love a lot, just like your kids and your whole family. The ideas are great for trying out new recipes and satisfy picky eaters.

Instead of spending a lot of money on accessories and tools for your kids’ lunch boxes, spend time playing and experimenting wth what you have. You might discover that you have plenty of tools at hand and the most important ones are – ingenuity and creativity.

Make fun lunch boxes that will look like they are filled with flowers. So, make cheese sandwiches that look like flowers. You can make them like flowers using a cookie cutter. Make also carrot blossoms and arrange grapes in a fun flower design.

For the carrot blossoms, find not only orange carrots, but also purple and yellow ones. The purple ones have a gold centre and this looks really pretty. The taste of all of them is the same though. They’re not different. Use a vegetable cutter to cut the carrots into a flower shape.

Use a silicone baking cup to make a flower out of grapes. Arrange first the green ones at the bottom with one in the center, and then put grapes in another color around the green one in the center. You can also do this with grape or cherry tomatoes as well.

If you are new and just beginning with this, here is a list of some things you might need but you probably already have it in your kitchen so you can save money.

  • Sharp knife for making striped striped cucumbers, carrot starts and checkered apples.
  • Straws for drinking can be used for cutting out crescents for features and details, ovals and tiny circles.
  • Tweezers can be used for placing tiny stuff into their place.
  • Cookie cutters can be used for cutting sandwiches, meat, cheese, veggies and fruits.
  • Cookie stamps can be used for leaving impressions on fruits like watermelon for example, or on bread slices.
  • Cupcake picks can be great decorations in the bent box. So, start saving them from the parties you go to and the ones you host at home.
  • Melon baller makes awesome rice balls and fun shapes out of fruit.
  • Crinkle cutter for vegetables can be used on other things too, not only on veggies.
  • Dumpling press, or empanada, can be used for making cute mini-sandwiches.
  • Drink stirrers and cocktail picks can make for great skewers.
  • Medicine cups and bottle caps can be used as circle cutters.
  • Also, accessories and cutters that come with play doughs can make for great bento tools and accessories.

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