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Make your Healthy Snacks Taste Awesome

When it comes to eating, the overall goal is to have healthy and nutritious food that fuels us with enough energy to make the most of the day. As we grow up, we find that healthy foods often taste better and it is easier to enjoy a crunchy apple over a bag of salted crisps.  However, for children, this is rarely the case. Younger taste buds crave sugars and sweets and all those addictive flavours added to junk food to make the taste better.
Therefore, when it comes to filling your child’s lunch box with healthy snacks, they will often turn their nose up at the selection. Fortunately, there are ways around this and it is possible to make healthy snacks taste awesome and exciting for your young child. Check out these ideas for some inspiration to turn your child’s lunch box from boring to wonderful without losing out on the healthy.

Presentation goes a long way

The way that you present the food in your child’s lunch box will really have an impact on whether they look forward to eating it or not. You can get creative with different healthy foods to encourage your kids to eat them.

One way to make vegetables an exciting snack is to chop up some carrot and celery sticks in a small container. Have another container with some tasty hummus or tzatziki dip, which can be homemade to ensure there are no added fats and salts, and your kids will love dipping the vegetable stick in.
For fruits, chop up some of your kids favourites such as pineapple and watermelon into lumps and skewer them on a stick to make some fruit kebabs. These can be easily wrapped in a plastic bag and put in the lunch box. Another favourite is an apple slinky, made using a machine which cores and peels an apple into a slinky shape. This fun shape somehow makes apples taste a lot better for kids!

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Disguise healthiness in a muffin

Kids love a classic muffin – there is something about the shape and texture that they just can’t pass up. Once you realise that kids will gobble down a muffin regardless of what is in, you can really use this to your advantage. Make some healthy berry muffins or even savoury ones with carrot or zucchini and your kid will feel super cool pulling out a muffin at play time at school – without realising they’re actually eating very healthily!

Put a creative twist on the classic sandwich

Sandwiches can get boring for kids, but there are ways you can make them more appealing. Using cookie cutters with fun shapes such as animals or letters, you can cut the sandwich bread. If you use animal shapes, you can create a wildlife scene in your kids’ lunch box, using lettuce for grass, celery for trees and so on. Then your kids can use all the ingredients to assemble their sandwich and chomp down the zebra’s head.


Make your Healthy Snacks Look Awesome


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