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Kids Lunches

Meatless Meatballs! Vegetarian Garlic & Mushroom Meatballs

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  1. what can we use as a substitute for the egg?

  2. If you believe that using eggs and milk is not harmful to animals you might
    want to do some research. . jthere is money in eggs and milk so there is

  3. He didn’t even write that it was vegan so STFU

  4. i love my balls smooth myself…

  5. 3rd time making it, i also made it in a Swedish meatball gravy, oh its
    soooo good!

  6. Ill be starting these tonight

  7. I stand in aw of your genius… BRAVO

  8. I love smooth balls.

  9. Your videos are awesome! I haven’t tried your recipes yet but they seem

  10. I made this, it was outstanding. Thank you <3

  11. You should make more vegetarian video-recipies, the ones you make are
    I have tried all you veggie recipies, the veggie burger, the 3 bean
    chilli, and this one.
    This one was the one that I liked the most 🙂 .

  12. I love your videos chef John, but parmesan is made using calf rennet and it
    is not actually vegetarian, i’d like if you will tell me in what i can
    replace it. thanks

  13. parmesan cheese isn’t meatless, just to let you know. but you can buy
    parmesan like vegetarian cheese.

  14. My mouth is watering!! How delicious thank u so much! I will do this i
    promise ill trick my meat eating family n then hv some meat ones on side
    but i dought they’ll notice its completely meatless n u hv a great

  15. Well it clearly says vegetarian meatballs not vegan, stop complaining,
    watching the video isnt costing anyone anything. If its not your preference
    just keep searching for a better video that is more suitable to your


    The rolling of the balls is never optional.

  17. Could I use maybe tofu instead of eggs?

  18. Unfortunately parmesan is not vegetarian :/ 

  19. Maybe someone should tell him Parmesan is made from the stomach of
    slaughtered calves. 

  20. You’re incorrect when you say “we have taken a few eggs and pulled a few
    utters, I don’t consider that harming them”
    Do some research, animals are tortured every single day and pumped with
    drugs in order to produce dairy products, some are prevented from getting
    exercise, they are kept confined in small spaces and hooked up to machines
    that pump the milk intended for their young, chicks are de-beaked using
    searingly hot blades, they get infections and are kept so closely together
    they literally go insane, sound like a good time to you? Although a cow can
    live for 20+ years they often die around the age of 4 and younger due to
    the treatment they receive. Think before you speak..

  21. I don’t usually comment…ever. But I have to on this recipe. I’ve made it
    about 7 times now and have wowed meat eaters and non meat eaters alike.
    Amazing recipe. Our favorite is to throw them in a mixture of grape jelly
    and chilly sauce. Yum!

  22. Cooking this today!

  23. Just made this for my 2nd time tonight. Comes out super delicious. It
    honestly has the texture of meatballs with a taste of mushrooms. First time
    we did it as meatballs with pasta sauce and it was great! This time around
    we’re actually gonna make them into patties and put them in the crock pot
    and make them into a “salsverry steak” type dish. Should be interesting,
    lol. Word of advice to those of you trying it for the first time, get some
    extra mushrooms. They reduce down more than you might think.

  24. Margaret Skipper

    Wooo. Looks delish.

  25. This just made my day! Must try immediately!

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