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Kids Lunches

MEG | 5 Healthy Snacks for Kids

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  1. Everything looks yum except for the cheese thing.. It looks disgusting and
    totally processed even with the label organic on it…and the idea of
    having to suck it out from a tube of plastic ….:((I always have a piece
    of cheese in the fridge I can cute in little cubes. That’s just my opinion
    no offence, I also hate these so called mashed fruits in plastic that the
    kids can suck out. 

  2. This is a time when i hate that im such a picky eater :/ i wouldnt eat any
    of this. 

  3. My favorite is a honey crisp apple and Greek yogurt with granola 

  4. My FAVORITE snack is kettle corn (snack size) and a Fuji apple.

  5. I’m vegan and I can’t eat this

  6. Strawberry banana smothies

  7. Can u do cherry scones

  8. +WhatsUpMoms A great snack is banana sandwhiches you take some bread butter
    it cut up a banana sprinkle a bit of sugar on it an there you have it !!!

  9. Thank you! That was really great! Those are all foods we eat at home
    anyway but there were a few little differences in there that will
    definitely help spice up some snack times for us!! Thank you from Australia

  10. I’m not a mother but whenever i go out with my younger sister i have juice
    and raisins also she loves trail mix (i put chcolate chips as a treat)

  11. Meg please help my daughter she loves Hersey bars so help/ she said I love

  12. frozen yoghurt and also cream crackers on dairylea cheese

  13. Kennedi Kjellberg

    I’m not a mom but I love whatsupmoms!

  14. fedupwithusernames

    I love these recipes, they’re not just for kids but really for anyone who
    wants to snack healthy :)

  15. Love your videos MEG!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE A AMAZING MOTHER!!!!!!! I want to
    be like you when I’m a MoM!!!!

  16. well i love how you make every thing seam so esay and we love razberry
    smoothies or bluberry smoothies with applel bulberry baby food or just find
    a favoret frut that hay like and whay thay play up stares just dont tell
    them that it has baby food in it the bluberry makes you not taste the baby
    food in it thats what my mom dose with me and my sister and baby brother so
    ya thats what we like. and ps i love your videos and i am only 13 my sister
    is 5 amd my baby brother is only 10 months old.

  17. you could hear Charlie in the backround!!!!

  18. my kids love this really good dip that has cottage cheese and chives in it
    and is SUPER healthy

  19. I love chopped up Apple with cinnamon on top! It’s AMAZING!!!

  20. I’m vegan

  21. Peanut butter piklets

  22. Haha I heard your precious Charlie! 

  23. Melannie Caballero

    I love your videos meg

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