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Kids Lunches

My 3 Favorite Healthy Snack Recipes!

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  1. Howdy! I just subscribed, you’re such a sweetheart! I am going to make the
    no -bake pb bites right Meow!! Thank you for sharing this. ALSO, You &
    Matthias are awesome!! 🙂 Toodles my friend!

  2. Those apple things were surprisingly good. Tasted like candy. So theres

  3. I love watching your videos your positive attitude makes my day :-)

  4. My go-to snack is my graze box because you got me hooked

  5. MadelineWinterFlame


  6. This were awesome,thank you for sharing them with us!
    You’re stunning :3
    I subscribed because you’re videos are really fun and amazing!

  7. great channel!! i do similar videos x

  8. The American Nerd Project

    I’m going to make and consume EVERYTHING!!!

  9. I am totally going to try these tomorrow! Need a healthy and tasty
    alternative on the weekends instead of cafeteria food haha. Thanks for

  10. Fitzgerald Anaïs

    You’re getting better in front of the camera in each video, i can really
    see you blossom and become more confortable!

  11. Great video! Is the cinnamon taste strong on the apple chips? Not a huge
    fan of cinnamon, but these look good! My go to healthy snack is just some
    grape tomatoes :)

  12. Om nom nom… Yum! Great camera transitions and editing :)

  13. These all look so fun! (I remember trying to make apple chips with my
    little sister once, but we didn’t want to preheat or clean the large oven,
    so we decided to use this little toaster oven thing, and we couldn’t find
    any setting that seemed right, so we used casserole and burned the heck out
    of our poor little apple chips xP)
    And for snacks, I suppose I’m more of a savory snack person, so i really
    like having these super crunchy whole grain italian cracker things with
    smoked salmon (Seattle smoke salmon = delicious :D)

  14. Unicorn Lady (formerly archiecook55)

    I’m gonna try the first 2 with SunButter instead of PB. And the last one
    also looks really good, I love cinnamon. :)

  15. Kristen Goulette

    I just made those peanut butter bites and they’re sooo good!

  16. Shelby Lundquist

    My go to snack is and have always been sliced apples, and Now I can try out
    these new snacks with Apples. Thanks :)

  17. I love healthy foods, and seeing someone else’s creative twist is pretty
    awesome! I’m excited to try making some of these, especially considering
    the ingredients are simple, and I have most of the stuff already! Just need
    some juicy apples! Do you have a favorite apple that you like more than
    others? I imagine the sweeter ones (Rome, Golden Delicious, etc) would be
    good baked so you can leave out the sugar, and apples like Granny Smith and
    the sours would be good with the peanut butter and granola/fruit/chocolate.
    🙂 There’s lots of possibilities though!

    As for my go to snack item, I really like fresh fruit of any kind! I enjoy
    vanilla yogurt too, so I usually get a probiotic yogurt (Greek is my
    favorite!) and just top 1/4 to 1/2 a cup with a handful of berries or fruit
    chunks and a little granola or quick oats! Delicious! I also like pita
    chips and hummus! 

  18. Totally going to try making those apple chips they look so good!

  19. Hi Amanda. I have to tell you first that this is the mbe2003’s little
    sister talking. Anyway your hair looks so, so, so,so, so amazing in the
    video. Also your little bites look great. Also I have seen all of your
    video’s and they are really entertaining for me. I also love cats! I also
    wish I could meet you and Matthias. You are my favourite person on you tube
    besides me and my family. Also in April I will be 9 and I will be able to
    start my own channel and I was hopping you don’t mind if I could do the
    sort of same thing as you. Bye☺

  20. You kinda look like Colleen 

  21. Now I have some new stuff to try! I quite like yoghurt and fruit, maybe
    some muesli too
    This has more to do with Cooking with Mattanda, but Amanda, you have
    nothing to worry about with having some silly troubles in the kitchen with
    the cooking – it happens to everyone and especially with recipes you
    haven’t tried before! Matthias always seems pretty amused by your cooking,
    and I always want to say “But it happens to everyone!!’
    Can’t wait to see him cook for Cooking with Mattanda! haha :)

  22. My mom and I will be making these soon! Thank you so much for the ideas!

  23. My fav snack is yogurt I don’t no why but I love yogurt 

  24. I love No-bake cookies. My BFF makes me eat hers all the time cause she
    always makes like 48…..000000000 of them and doesn’t eat them all but
    those looked yummy!!!!!

  25. Mei Jedidian Abendan

    The apple chips looks soooooo good!!!!! Im gonna ask my mom to buy apples,
    and do them!!!!

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