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Kids Lunches

My Healthy Diet Routine: Get Slim For Summer! + School Lunch & Snack Ideas!

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  2. NEW VIDEO on #GlitterForever17!!! My Healthy Diet Routine: Get Slim For
    Summer! + School Lunch & Snack Ideas!! Click HERE to watch it now!!! My
    Healthy Diet Routine: Get Slim For Summer! + School Lunch & Snack Ideas!

  3. All of those prepackaged microwave dinners are PURE SHIT. it has nothing to
    do with calories, youre eating chemicals. just because you lost weight does
    not mean you are eating healthily. go research the ingredients in a “smart
    ones” …..nothing smart about eating chemicals.

  4. This is obviously a sponsored video XD

  5. But bread is unhealthy..:/

  6. I agree with most of the comments. I forgot I was watching a “healthy” food
    video. Instant oatmeal and Special K? Loaded with preservatives and sugars.
    Not healthy at all. Popcorn is not healthy, are you kidding me? Canned
    vegetable soup, and frozen dinners? None of that is healthy. I thought this
    would be a creative video where you would make actual healthy things from
    scratch. You are crazy for thinking that stuff is healthy.
    Where are the vegetables? The protein? Chicken and fish? 

  7. Are you kidding me no some off them are at all not got for you

  8. omg the canned fruits and popsicles are sooo bad…

  9. Healthy? Frozen food, and canned fruit? Try healthy lean meats, like fish
    or chicken. And actual fruit! Not canned fruit. And the only source of
    veggies I saw was carrots and salad. For dinner half your plate should be
    filled with veggies. The rest of your plate should be healthy grains and

  10. your voice reminds me of Louise from bobs burgers

  11. You are sooo cute and the vedeo was great thnx 

  12. Dear Bre,
    Please do more of these videos. I am trying to get in shape for the cross
    country season.

  13. *Over the course of 3 weeks on the diet, you can lose more than 20 pounds
    of fat off your belly, butt, hips, and thighs and achieve the body of your
    dreams with little to no exercise involved.*
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  14. I made a video on Spartan diet on my channel, I am becoming too stronger
    but I want to know is to good to add egg,noodles, curry leaves, coriander
    leaves, I just want to know any side effects of this diet.

  15. inspiration09shine

    Did she said egg? I thought she is vegan?

  16. How am i supposed to do this i hate half these things i hate grapes i hate
    cherries i hate bananas i hate all fruit except apples 

  17. It’s not healthy at all can foods and box got perservatives and very high
    in sodium..nothing beats the fresh..Make ur own vegetables soup it’s really
    easy and healthy..

  18. Can fruit isn’t good for your body, it’s better to chop the fruits 

  19. Nothing was healthy and then when u got healthy u go and put tortilla chips
    and salsa on a salad

  20. This video acually made me wanna eat . : D 

  21. God her voice is annoying

  22. Your funny

  23. Is it just me that noticing how this video is titled with “for summer” when
    the intro is her playing in the snow…does it snow in the summer where you

  24. that vid really made me hungry bre. but instead of going to the chocolate,
    sweets and the ice cream I went to the fruit boll. :)

  25. just a tip, i know that jif peanut butter may be cheap, but adams peanut
    butter is so much healthier and has much less “fake” ingredients. (: 

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