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Kids Lunches

What is too optimal diversification for a lunch box?

Kids who eat good behave good, their concentration is increased and improved and they listen to you. The good eating habits are not important just at home, kids have to have a good, nutritional diet through the whole day, this means in the school as well. So, packing a nutritional and healthy lunch box for your kid is a must.

In order to make the lunch box more diversified and to contain the right amount of everything that your child needs, you need to put some effort in it. Time is essential and you have to make some time for preparing it, not just throwing some things into the box and be done in 2 minutes. Always stock on crackers, bread, yogurt, milk, vegetables and fruits. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on fruits and vegetable for the whole family, every season has its own fruits and veggies so spend money on them only. If your kid loves snacks you can make them at home using fresh ingredients. There are 5 food groups and you have to create a diverse meal for your kid. Always put a bottle of water for your kid. Don’t think about juice, soft drinks or cordial, plain water is good for your kid because these other drinks contain a lot of sugar and sugar is not so good for the kid’s teeth.

The 5 food groups are breads and cereals, fruit, vegetables, dairy and the group of meats, legumes, fish, poultry, nuts and eggs, but if your kid is a vegetarian than you can just take the legumes, nuts and eggs as a source of protein. 

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Breads and cereals are a great carbohydrate source and it’s good for the body and the brain. From this group kids can eat rice crackers, rice, crisp breads, cracker breads, pasta and each type of bread – pita, multigrain, whole meal or white bread.

The fruits contain all of the vitamins the kids need as well as fibre and kids can also eat canned fruit or dried fruit.

The vegetables, the same as the fruits, contain fibre and vitamins. The vegetables can be used for the school lunch as a snack. Use snow peas, baby corn spears, capsicum strips small corn cob and cherry tomatoes, cucumber sticks, carrots and celery as snacks and put coleslaw or some salad vegetables in a sandwich.

Dairy is the biggest source of calcium for kids and you should include a lot of cheese, yoghurt and milk in their school lunches.

The last group of foods – eggs, legumes and nuts, are a rich source of protein and should all be included in the school meals.

Make the preparing of the school lunch more fun by including your kids in it. Go shopping together with them and let them choose what fruits and veggies they like. Include them in the preparing and packing as well and have fun while doing it.

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