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 Is Paleo Lunch Box Good for Children?

A lot of parents are currently following the paleo lunch box trend on a daily basis. However, is that truly a smart thing to do? In 2015, there was one controversial book in Australia that was even pulled back before it was officially released. It was a book based on paleo and baby diet.

It was full with interesting advice for parents who want to learn how to prepare food for their babies and stick to the paleo diet at the same time. However, experts were against it, because they believe there are some toxic mixtures in the paleo diet that are just way too much to handle for a small baby.

Paleo diet has been out since the 70’s and it was Voegtlin’s novelty. He used to be a famous gastroenterologist who believed that the diet should be consisting of fat and meat, without a lot of carbohydrates. Quite interesting, isn’t it so? In 2002, this diet has become popular once again. Dr. Loren Cordain started promoting this idea, but in a more innovative way, by adding more carbohydrates.

This type of diet for babies should consist of pork, beef or chicken. According to this theory, the liver of the baby will have some problems with 40+ percents of protein levels. The meat should be balanced with the protein levels in the baby’s diet. Wheat or rice oats are recommended when it comes to grains. Processed food is strictly forbidden. It can cause some behavioral issues, according to Dr. Cordain.

However, it is a well known fact that babies need to eat carbohydrates in order to grow properly and healthily. Of course, the child also need to be breastfeeded, at least for one year. Parents must also be aware that this type of diet is going to be quite restrictive towards carbohydrates.

That is why it is quite controversial and it is not fully accepted by many doctors and of course, parents. Of course, there are also some behavioral aspects that need to be reviewed. Some severe restrictions can truly be the culprit for social ramifications. The logistical and the social challenges also have a significant importance in the process of growing.

In the end, we can come to a simple conclusion and that is- this diet is quite popular among many people worldwide, but those are grown adults. When it comes to babies, it is a nutritionally and behaviorally challenging diet. Most doctors will give a simple advise to parents, and that is not to try the Paleo diet for their kids’ lunch boxes. Babies need carbohydrates and small amounts of protein to grow up in a healthy manner.

With the paleo diet, there are definitely going to be a lot of difficulties to over come. Of course, there is one good thing about it, and that is throwing away all kinds of processed foods, which are also the culprit to some serious health issues that might appear later in life.

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