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Kids Lunches

Pasta in White Sauce / Quick & Easy Indian Style | Kids Lunch box Special

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  1. I know that you are not Italian by a long shot but your pasta dish here
    looks absolutely delicious!

  2. Pasta in béchamel.. #lunchbox #recipes #pasta #kids

  3. Congratulations for the new kitchen. Thank you for taking care of the
    request. Next can we have red sauce pasta please.

  4. new kitchen and utensils.. congrats..

  5. °•☆Zara☆•°

    I tried making the white sauce pasta exactly the way you said. And it came
    out so good. I will surely make it again. Thank you so much for the recipe.
    And really love your new kitchen :). 

  6. lol salt i.e sodium is never added to water for taste,it is used to elevate
    the boiling point of water so that everything cooks evenly… Go learn
    basics first fake chef

  7. Make more pasta recipes

  8. masst kitchen ;)

  9. you remind me of my younger cousin… stay as you are :)

  10. That looked really nice !! Recipe was explained beautifully. Going to try
    it out tomorrow. Hope it turns out good ;)

  11. Looks soo yummy.. I’ll try it.. Btw thanks for d recipe…

  12. I love this!!! And you are the most adorable chef ever! :D

  13. Hey buddy, love your recipes, can i know what brand of cookware you use??
    Stoneline or Tefal??

  14. Congratulations for the new kitchen !!!
    N I love pasta n was searching for recipes . I tried ur recipe n it came
    out really well…. Thanks for posting this recipe!!! Thnxs n can u post
    mugalai biryani recipe . pls ….

  15. ohh the chubby little chefs grown tall , and thin too….ohhh i mis the
    chubby look…doing good in cooking style this way too ..lovely to see you
    son , in cooking action . great going , wish you all the best . 

  16. Thanks i am great fan of pasta n this pasta is calling me so loud to try.

  17. wow

  18. Vey nice …could you show palak paneer…best recipe 

  19. white sauce could be also made using olive oil n powered oats and soya milk
    …………its the healthy option n tastes the same as regular white

  20. U r awesome.. And ur kitchen also,god bless u.

  21. u’re awesome!! as always!
    I tried this out n it was superb!
    btw what’s d thing in d other tiffin?!!
    want d recipe for that one too!
    also try pasta in red sauce plzz!!☺️
    god bless u!

  22. Love your recipes,always look fwd to your channel..can you plz upload some
    more baked pasta recipes..thanks in advance :)

  23. Viju Sathyanarayanan

    Helli yaman.. very nice videos and its wonderful to see someone so young
    having such passion..keep it up and best wishes.

    Can u share ur recipe for mozzarella.cheese.. and do u have a recipe for
    fruit filled cookies..



  24. Wow..congrats for new kitchen…best wishes fr ur future buddy…u r
    awesome as always…keep it up…

  25. You are really so sweet…& the way you are making is really easy, clean &
    eyescatching…. Thank you for sharing.. Would love to make this for my
    daughter. Tx. 

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