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Pinoy Recipe – Vegetable Salad

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  1. this is not a Vegetable salad anymore theres too much protein and not that
    refrreshing ..

  2. omitting the cheese would be a better idea try adding more vegetables too
    like carrots or maybe some potatoes,it’s healthier

  3. The background music reminds if me of Christmas

  4. salad lng b marami ako nyan….. allangren salad fres romain gren ice
    redletus or lolorosa…… 09099377360.

  5. It’s still vegetable salad!

  6. a little protein from the egg don’t hurt but lose the cheese,bread and
    chicken..the salad looses its purpose.

  7. You may be overlooking the word “Vegetable” in “Vegetable Salad”. In
    grammar this is a definer of the word “salad”, making it not just any
    salad. It’s specifically a vegetable salad.

  8. ohh never knew cheese was a veggie ….facepalm

  9. you call this a “Vegetable Salad” and put chiken and eggs in it. *Facepalm*

  10. Obviously that’s not a vegetable salad… i call it protein salad which has
    some veges on it…lol

  11. You call this Pinoy salad but you use American dressing.

  12. that is the strategy of the chef in making their vegetable salad make even
    more tastier than any other ordinary salad..

  13. haha consider a chicken and egg as a veggy


  15. Idiots! They don’t know about ovo-lacto vegetarianism. They think it
    doesn’t exist! Fuck your brains!

  16. What a yummy veg salad!

    vinegar, oilive oil!!! mmmmmmmmmmmm

  18. dumb ass gooks.

  19. wht s croutons ???

  20. And you don’t know semi-vegetarianism!!! Brainless people!

  21. And also pollo-vegetarianism! FUCKER BRAINS!

  22. @falsify1000 that sounds cool! Im going to try it 😉

  23. maybe he/she thinks mixing it with the vege’s makes it acceptable as vege
    .. im FTFO

  24. i’m sure,these viewers who kept on arguing and patalinuhan through comments
    box eh mga pinoy!wala ng bago..imbes ma appreciate kahit papano effort ng
    iba,or ei criticize ng maayos,sobrang mga manlalait.look for other cooking
    videos if you ain’t satisfied..

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