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Preschooler’s Lunch Box Ideas

Preschooler’s lunch boxes can be tricky to pack and it is really easy to fall into a routine when you are doing it day after day. Not only are you supposed to keep it healthy you are also supposed to keep it visually interesting.

In preschooler’s eyes, a good looking lunch box is a tasty lunch box, so if you want to make sure your kid eats everything you have to up your game to the next level. Think colors, food groups and characters. All of this can be crucial when packing a preschooler’s lunch box. To help with this we have some awesome ideas for a preschooler’s lunch box that will make your job easier.

1. Organize

Bento Boxes are a great way to organize a lunch box. They have all these separate compartments where you can stack up all the food. Use a smaller one and then fill it up, rather than leave a lot of space unused. Well packed lunch box will stay in place and will look better when your kid opens it. You can use the different sections to separate the main meal from desert and arrange them nicely. If needed use small containers to pack ketchup.

2. Kid’s size

It is common knowledge that anything tiny is automatically cute. Take advantage of this fact. Baby carrots and cherry tomatoes are your friend. So are berries for dessert. Use this rule for when you are preparing the main meal as well. Cut out the sandwiches into smaller pieces and they will instantly be more visually appealing to a kid’s eyes.

3. Colors

Another preschooler lunch idea is to take advantage of all the wonderful colors of the food. Add some gorgeous fruits and vegetables to make everything more interesting. Some reds, oranges and greens will give an instant pop to an otherwise boring lunch box. Plus they are extra healthy. And it doesn’t have to be the food only. Use a colorful bento box as well, use colorful small containers. Anything that you think might be interesting will definitely help.

4. Friendly faces

This is another part where you get creative. Making a smiley face to the sandwich is really easy, but to your preschooler will make all the difference in the world. Use the cherry tomatoes to make bear ears or the baby carrots to fashion bunny ears. Cut out small pieces of fruits and vegetables to make fun, friendly faces on the food. Not only will this show you really care but will make your kid filled with excitement come lunchtime.

You can do this on the sandwiches or decorate on rice, or really anything. You can even add some extra prize in the lunchbox to make it like a treasure hunt. Think trading cards or even a hand written note.

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