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Kids Lunches


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  1. Our Family Nest

    We hope you like our ideas for after school snacks! Recipes can be found
    here – http://ourfamilynest.com/after-school-snacks/

  2. 103rd view 24th comment 

  3. Halle Nicholson

    I tried the chunky monkey smoothie and it was delish

  4. First comment!!! I love u guys you are my fav you tube channel! Xxxxx

  5. They all seem so good i want to try all of them!! 

  6. Ohh Those Snacks Look So Yummy 

  7. the smoothie i want to try the smoothie

  8. Can i use vanilla yogurt to replace Greek yogurt? Because I don’t like
    Greek yogurt and we don’t have any:/

  9. Great video guys!

  10. Is she a guy or a girl 

  11. I love your videos

  12. Juliana Carreto cisneros

    Dont lick your fingers ! That’s kinda NASTY but everything looks great ima
    try the chunky monkey !

  13. I’m Gonna try the banana and Peanut Butter Bites! after that Maybe sometime
    next week I’m going to do the monkey Smoothie/MilkShake! :D

  14. Patrycja Bielecka

    i love chunky monkey smoothie :)

  15. I also burned my microwave because I didn’t put water in the noodle soup 

  16. What happened to the little girls hair?

  17. Your ideas are so awesome I love karli I love your Channel

  18. At is os good I love at 

  19. Beauty Brynn XOXO

    lol! I did the same thing with Romen Noodles!!!!

  20. I made the smoothie and it was delicious

  21. ROOM TOUR!!!!!!!!

  22. I tried the banana with peanut butter (thats the only snack that i had all
    the ingredients for lol) and it was fantastic! It sort of tasted like the
    reeces that had banana in the inside with peanut butter, only theres wasn’t
    chocolate.. But i was wondering if I put banana, peanut butter and
    chocolate milk into a blender do you think it will taste okay? 

  23. I tryed the chunky monkey and it was the best it was funny when Karli was
    playing with the

  24. Jenni Liddicote

    i tryed the bnanna in penutbutter

  25. I luv you so much guys so much and the drink is yum

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