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Quick Italian Salad – Garden Salad Video Recipe by Bhavna

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  1. Stop saying mean things your a good cook keep it up

  2. the salad in the video is an italamericano salad, named because it uses
    olive oil and vinegar. but it is not true italian salad as in italy. i
    live in italy and we use olive oil, a little salt, sometimes a very tiny
    bit of balsamic vinegar, and lettuce from the garden. put a couple green
    onions on the side and fresh mozzarella cheese, and sometimes red peppers
    and maybe sometimes a frew green olives. but most of our salads just olive
    oil, lettuce and a dash of salt. many do not use vinegar just the oil. or
    common here, a tomato salad, with sliced thin tomatoes with olive oil and a
    little salt, and no lettuce, just the tomatoes, sometimes a little onion
    but usually just the tomatoes. oregano is the only seasoning i’ve seen
    used if any seasoning is even used.

  3. this is not italian for many reasons, and I’m curious about italian
    seasoning. But it looks very veeeeery good 🙂 I’m italian and I love
    salads. Try to grate some Parmigiano Reggiano on top (if it’s avaliable),
    instead of this one, it makes the difference 

  4. Syed Kamal Mohammad Mukul

    bdninja likes

  5. italian salad with parmesan,garlic,peppers…lol. I’m from Italy but have
    never seen salad prepared like this.

  6. This looks close to olive garden salad. I wish knew how to make salad
    dressing from there at home.

  7. The Turkish make very good salads, I found, but use lemon juice and no
    vinegar. Salads are wonderful in Italy! Your version looks like something
    pretty much everyone would like a lot. Greetings from France via the USA!
    For people who love wine, never have any with a vinegar salad dressing. The
    French often keep the salad for the end of the meal so they can enjoy the
    wine better. Uprated!

  8. awww ur so cute!

  9. i’m italian..and we absolutely don’t use parmisan and garlic powder (we use
    real garlic) on salad…O.o..oh,try the balsamic vinegar,it’s better!

  10. hye! i am so glad that u r replying very fast 2 every1 i m happy with that
    and i wanna ask u one thing plz don”t feel bad about it ,wt else work do u
    do in home accept cooking i know i shd not interrept in u”r personal issues
    but just i was asking and do u no hindi and u r from which state ya country
    actually i am so sorry to ask these type of silly questions just i wanted 2
    no about u and u”r recipies r fabulous i love them!!!! have a gd day i will
    wait for u”r replay

  11. hi bhavna…i follow all ur reciepesn my hubby is very happy wit it…i
    request u can u make so sizzlers reciepe.. i wanna try it… thanxs aloot
    for all these

  12. Do you go Vegan yet?

  13. I HEAR DORA! Great vid 🙂

  14. that salad looks delicious.. cant wait to make it. thank u for sharing

  15. Looks great .

  16. what do you think of heating olive oil,,most of the people told me that it
    should not be heated,,what do you think?

  17. Also you say that you cook for 4, so if I’m cooking for 12 do I just triple
    everything on the list?

  18. Yes, used to watch Dora…now spongebob!

  19. You’re rude.

  20. italian salad ???

  21. as iam a caterers i watch u series regularly i like it .

  22. PressleyIsHellaRad

    Haha that’s cool!

  23. @nehasharma287 : the host of this show sounds perfectly normal to me. you
    seem to have too much of an attitude though! did u like the recipe?

  24. Hi Bhavna Wow! you really rock….when I see your former videos, I always
    think about all the improvements that you have done to recent
    videos…amazing! Really, you are doing wonderful work. Specially with your
    2 kids.

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