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Quinoa salad – Recipe by The Vegan Corner

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  1. Excuse my ignorance but I’m wondering why lots of vegans don’t use salt?
    I’m vegan myself (became few months ago ,but been vegeterian for a year or
    so) and I use a little of salt still (not much) – because lack of salt can
    cause electrolyte disturbance, which can again, cause even fatal,
    neurological problems. Since I drink plenty of water during the day (up to
    2 or 3 L), not taking salt can result with water intoxication.
    > ” Drinking too much water with insufficient salt intake, puts a person
    at risk of water intoxication.”

    I’m still new here so again excuse my ignorance.

    by the way
    This looks delicious! I will prepare this for lunch today ,thank you.

    Greetings from your neighbour from Croatia :)

  2. I love salads like this! I make something very similar with couscous. Did
    you go to culinary school? You seem to know a lot about flavor profiles and
    presentation, plus you have serious knives.

  3. This is amazing! Thank you :)

  4. You can caramelize onion in garlic using water or veggie broth, just saute
    a bit longer and cover with a lid. Then you can skip the oil. 

  5. High Carb Vegan Recipes

    This looks delicious, quinoa salad is such a great dish because it can be
    made it so many ways with variations in vegetables and spices. This version
    looks yummy :). 

  6. Sim's Kitchenette

    Love quinoa salad! Thanks for sharing! 

  7. Love it!! trying it right now!! so glad to have found ur channel!!:)

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