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Really Good Broccoli Salad Recipe

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  1. I love when you talk about Duke’s mayonnaise Lol hey Mo (waves hand)

  2. Raisins gives that salad a sweet taste , I love it . Specially with
    strawberries and almonds . Sounds disgusting , but it’s heaven in a salad

  3. I love when you post low carb recipes! 

  4. Could u add pasta to it and have cold pasta salad?

  5. Yass! I’m going to try mines with some black olive also
    Thanks for posting

  6. I’ve never heart of broccoli salad (guess I’ve been living under a rock
    lol) but it looks yummy! Think I’ll try it :)

  7. First !!

  8. loving the smiley face spatula, 

  9. Hi there! Is the brocoli raw or cooked?

  10. More bacon, the better!!! I agree!!! Lol

  11. was that raw broccoli??:o

  12. That looks great!

  13. do u not eat pork???

  14. I agree it’s very colorful!! yummers!!

  15. Making this this weekend,yummy

  16. Broccoli salad is always a favorite in my house. Like you, I don’t like a
    big bite of raw broccoli.. I started blanching it before adding it to my
    salad, and now? It is all good…. :)) Plus, the color is a beautiful
    green! :))

  17. I was grinning drooling right with you until you pulled out that cheese and
    my face just fell, then you took out the bacon and my heart dropped into my
    tummy, then you took the mayo and the ranch and that one single tear just
    slid down my cheek. 

  18. I agree girl!
    Cut back for what?!?!
    I need my bacon

  19. Listening to you makes cooking fun! You haven’t mentioned it but ( @ 0:28 )
    great job returning to your pre-baby size/weight. Way to go. :~) Thanks for

  20. have no ranch dressing. what can i use? thanks

  21. That looks so good. Gotta try

  22. Yum! Great side and looks very delicious! (^-^)/

  23. Yummy, I have to make this tomorrow

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