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Kids Lunches

Why Seasonal Food is Best for Kids Lunch Box

Kids need healthy lunches while they’re in school, because they need all the energy they can get for concentration and learning. Fruits and vegetables are best for them and you should include them in the school lunch box every day, but try different variations so that your kid doesn’t get bored.  And, working with the seasonal food will save you a lot of money, but still, your kid will have a healthy lunch.

Mix in some flat breads, whole grain breads, pita bread or rolls with the seasonal food. Maybe your kid loves margarine and butter but try replacing them with homemade avocado spread and see how the kid reacts. Yoghurt and cheese are perfect for your kid because they are dairy that contains reduced fat. Protein is something that kids need every day in their lunch s make sure to include tuna, chickpeas, peanut butter, eggs or lean meat. Also, limit the consumption of juice for your kid and try to make him drink water more than juices Insert a bottle of water in his school lunchbox.

You also need to take care of prohibiting the growth of bacteria that is harmful inside the lunchbox, so always keep the cold. Use an insulated lunch box or try the lunch boxes that have a freezer brick compartment inside. Or, as we mentioned, insert a bottle of water for your kid to drink it, but also, make it cold, and you’ll also keep the food cold until it’s time for eating.

Kids usually like their seasonal fruits and veggies cut and ready for eating. A great idea is making them a fruit salad. It’s easy for eating, it’s colorful and has so many vitamins. Change the texture, color and flavor of the lunchbox each day by offering different seasonal fruits and veggies. During the warmer days, you can freeze the fruits beforehand. If you make a sandwich for your kid and you use tomatoes, place the tomatoes between the different filling, not directly on the bread slices. This way, the bread won’t become soggy. If you mash the avocado for making an avocado spread, insert a little lime r lemon in it for preventing the discoloration of the avocado. You have a possibility of using a variety of vegetables for salads and sandwiches like snow pea sprouts, grated carrots, sliced celery, cucumbers, avocado, tomatoes, rocket, baby spinach and lettuce.

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