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Tasty Green Lunch Box Ideas

With everyone’s busy schedule it can be hard to take note of your every meal and make sure you are eating well. But eating green is only the smart thing to do. And the best way to be sure you are keeping yourself on track and eating properly both at home and at work is with lunch boxes.

Preparing a lunchbox makes it so much more fun to actually sit down and have a proper meal. You will know that what you are eating is a proper lunch prepared with care with ingredients you chose. And if you really don’t want to think about it but still have a yummy and healthy lunch here are some green lunch box ideas we picked out to make your live easier.

1. Pasta and broccoli

This is appropriate for anyone and any meal. Making pasta and mixing it with some boiled broccoli will make for a delicious tasty lunch and will boost your energy during the day. Mix it with some salad on the side using tomatoes and maybe some mozzarella or Greek cheese. For desert choose a fruit like some berries to keep it balanced.

2. Chickpeas

Chickpeas are great and nutritious and just yummy. If it were up to us any green lunch box idea that involved chickpeas is a great one. You can use them to make a main dish, for example a chickpeas and olive salad. Cut the olives and mix them with the chickpeas. Both of these complement each other’s taste and will make a delicious meal.

You can have them with a side salad of some fresh broccoli and some fresh carrots. To add a bit of extra taste you can use some olive spread to mix things up. Again, for desert, don’t shy away from the fruit. Fruit is your friend. Eat it raw, just like Mother Nature intended.

3. Avocados

Not that there is anything avocado doesn’t go with, but it goes especially well with some baked salmon. And that is number three on our list of green lunch box ideas. For the main dish, prepare a baked salmon with some avocado on the side. You can also add some black olives to mix the flavors and make it more interesting. Add some spices too, but keep it fresh, do not overdo it. You can also add some healthy crackers as a snack and some blackberries for dessert.

4. Chicken Salad

With a bit of a spin. To make things more interesting get a pita bread and fill it with the ingredients that you would use when making a chicken salad. Make sure you don’t overdo it on the chicken and forget the lettuce and tomatoes. After all, you don’t want to make it too heavy. You can make a side salad as well to go with the main dish, just cut out some raw broccoli and maybe baby carrots that can be both a salad and a snack. Be generous with the greens, they are your friend and will keep your body clean and energized.

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