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Kids Lunches

The First Lady, Elmo, and Rosita Partner to Encourage Healthy Food Choices for Kids

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  1. I love Elmo


  3. Then she would have to go against her husband. You know he passed laws to
    help GMOs?!

  4. She’s easily the most sincere and most genuine public personality around
    today! She’s incredibly compelling and you instantly know that you can
    trust her. She also has this powerful ability to get to the heart of the
    matter in a very clear, concise and incisive manner. She really gets it.
    She always strikes just the right balance. She’s fun, serious, empathetic,
    wise, grounded and focused. And all without being contrived. She’s amazing!

  5. Its doesn’t matter what you say, you’re a pathological liar. You have no
    reasoning skills or curiosity of understanding. Your going to lie and bitch
    non stop, no matter what.

  6. If she challenges companys to provide healthier food then she might want to
    put a end to gmo`s first

  7. I hope Michelle runs for President, or vice president in 2016 so I can vote
    for her!!!!

  8. Did Jarrett And Michelle Pick Incompetent Website Firm to create Obamacare?

  9. yeah, the greatest leader for 1/2 a year… until he started breaking all
    his promises and expanded the patriot act and NDAA, expanded the wars,
    expanded the drone bombings, started indefinitely detaining and
    assassinating americans without charges, bypassing congress to go to war,
    arming al qaeda, arming child soldiers etc etc etc – why don’t you ever
    call me a constitutionalist? oh, because then that would make you look like
    the anti american african american nazi that you are HA HA HA!

  10. Senator Armstrong, restoring America to its former glory

    I encourage not carpet bombing other countries and killing innocent

  11. standingforliberty

    War on candy… war on drugs… hmm… yeah I think Mrs. Reagan had a real

  12. If food is poison and toxic shouldnt the government ban it? Why is the us
    fast food chains allowed to get away with poisoning the population?

  13. How did she help create laws that make it illegal to grow your own garden,
    seriously explain how she her self helped a law like that. your looking for
    an excuse not to grow your own veggies you fat fuck, quite blaming everyone
    for your lack of drive…..fuckin racist hatters …..

  14. Impeach Obama For Lying ABout Obama Care! Promising Each family would Save
    around $2500 Dollars since 2008, Lying to Americans We could keep our
    doctors & premiums if we do not like the new plan set by ObamaCare! Impeach
    obama ALSO for IRS NSA BENGHAZI NDAA Seal Team Six & Fast & Furious! DO
    YOUR JOB CONGRESS! Get this islamic Terrorists Hussein Obama out of
    American office! he broke his Oath he promised to uphold when out into

  15. ✿◠‿◠ ♥ Kɪʀɴéᴀ ᑕᖺᗩﬡﬡᙓᒪ 1 ♫

    Great initiative ! Very pleasant and fun video. In France it is asked to
    eat 5 vegetables and fruit per day, unfortunately many children will never
    be able to eat this amount, the price is too high !

  16. Michelle obama is awesome! I hate seeing mislead people on here such as
    REVOLUTIONNEWS taking their agressions out on YouTube. Grow up and be proud
    of your country rather than being a douche. Thanks!

  17. We can’t wait to “pear up” with Sesame Workshop!

  18. omg i am viewer 666!!!

  19. Nice video, worthy effort, thank you, First Lady Mrs. Obama! Please use
    Daiya® non-dairy cheese on your next veggie pizza for good health and

  20. tell me, where have I ever praised mccain, palin or rand paul???? my
    videos: John McCain: ‘The Libyan Rebels Are My Heroes!’:
    /watch?v=ijA8GDH5M2w The Many Faces of Sarah Palin: /watch?v=qs9qruY4xHM
    Rand Paul is NOT Ron Paul: /watch?v=o6BMcK4hlyc – HA HA HA you’re the only
    one who mentions these people on this channel!! and why do you hate mccain,
    he loves obama’s paid al qaeda rebels!?!

  21. So I’m guessing your life is better then her’s. She’s the first lady what
    are you doing with your life?

  22. no matter what obama does, says, did or promised to do… you’ll support
    him… because you’re a paid neocon for the globalists who put obama in
    NDAA protects americans by allowing the govt to throw them in prison
    without a lawyer, charges or a trial… just what the founding fathers
    intended HA HA HA!

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